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Bird-Banding, Volume 1, Number 3 (1930)

Publication Information
Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (July)


Notes On Banding Operations On The North Shore Of The Gulf Of St. Lawrence In 1929. 95-103.
Harrison F. Lewis
The Banding Of Chimney Swifts At Chattanooga, Tennessee. 104-112.
Wyman R. Green
Behavior And Local Distribution Of Tufted Titmice In Winter And Spring. 113-127.
Mabel Gillespie
A List Of The Active Banding Stations In The Territory Of The Northeastern Bird-Banding Association. 127-136.
Charles B. Floyd
Some Purple Finch Notes, Principally On The Moult Of The Primaries And Secondaries. 136-139.
M. J. Magee
Recent Literature. 147-148.
Correspondence. 148.

General Notes

Spring Arrivals Of Song Sparrows In 1930. 140.
Margaret M. Nice
Complete Record Of A Wintering Lincoln'S Sparrow. 140-141.
Raymond J. Middleton
A Sparrow Hawk Recovery. 141.
William P. Wharton
Two White-Throated Sparrow Recoveries. 141.
C. L. W.
House Wren Returns. 141-142.
Raymond J. Middleton
Wood Thrush Returns-S.. 142.
C. L. W.
A Mourning Dove Recovery. 142.
Raymond J. Middleton
Interesting History Of Two White-Breasted Nuthatches. 142.
Reginald A. Osborn
A Five-Year-Old Downy Woodpecker. 142.
A Migrating White-Throated Sparrow Return. 143.
Raymond J. Middleton
Tree Sparrow Returns-W During The Season Of 1929-1930. 143.
C. L. W.
A Northern Shrike Repeat. 143.
Leroy Wilcox
Slate-Colored Junco Recovery. 144.
Raymond J. Middleton
A Song Sparrow Return-3 S.. 144.
C. L. W.
A Change In Nesting-Habits Of The Wood Pewee. 144.
Katharine C. Harding
An Unusual Duck Hawk Recovery. 144-145.
Albert K. Smiley, Jr., Daniel Smiley, Jr.
Ten Thousand Purple Finches Banded At One Station. 145.
M. J. Magee
A Common Tern Recovery. 145.
L. B. Fletcher
Evening Grosbeak, Robin, And Purple Finch Recoveries. 145.
M. J. Magee
Known History Of Four Chipping Sparrow Nestlings. 145.
Laurence B. Fletcher
Notice To Collectors Of Bird Parasites. 146.
Suggestions For Collecting External Parasites Of Birds. 146.
Harold S. Peters

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