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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 111, Number 3 (1999)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Antillean Short-Eared Owls Invade Southern Florida. 303-313.
Wayne Hoffman, Glen E. Woolfenden, P. William Smith
Within- and Between-Year Dispersal of American Avocets Among Multiple Western Great Basin Wetlands. 314-320.
Jonathan H. Plissner, Susan M. Haig, Lewis W. Oring
High Mortality of Piping Plovers on Beaches with Abundant Ghost Crabs: Correlation, Not Causation. 321-329.
Donna L. Wolcott, Thomas G. Wolcott
A Taxonomic Study of Crested Caracaras (Falconidae). 330-339.
Carla J. Dove, Richard C. Banks
Visual Communication and Sexual Selection in a Nocturnal Bird Species, Caprimulgus Ruficollis, a Balance Between Crypsis and Conspicuousness. 340-345.
Juan Aragones, Luis Arias De Reyna, Pilar Recuerda
Interspecific Interactions with Foraging Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in South-Central Florida. 346-353.
Reed Bowman, David L. Leonard, Jr.,, Leslie K. Backus, Allison R. Mains
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost. 354-362.
Kevin R. Russell, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Aggressive Response of Chickadees Towards Black-Capped and Carolina Chickadee Calls in Central Illinois. 363-367.
Eric L. Kershner, Eric K. Bollinger
Use of Song Types by Mountain Chickadees (Poecile Gambeli). 368-375.
Myra O. Wiebe, M. Ross Lein
Survival and Longevity of the Puerto Rican Vireo. 376-380.
Bethany L. Woodworth, John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt
Effects of Prior Residence and Age on Breeding Performance in Yellow Warblers. 381-388.
G. A. Lozano, R. E. Lemon
Distribution and Habitat Associations of Three Endemic Grassland Songbirds in Southern Saskatchewan. 389-396.
S. K. Davis, D. C. Duncan, M. Skeel
Bird Communities in Natural Forest Patches in Southern Brazil. 397-414.
Luiz Dos Anjos, Roberto Bocon
Do Mammalian Nest Predators Follow Human Scent Trails in the Shortgrass Prairie?. 415-420.
Susan K. Skagen, Thomas R. Stanley, M. Beth Dillon
Ornithological Literature. 445-456.

Short Communications

Christmas Shearwater Egg Dimensions and Shell Characteristics on Laysan Island, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 421-422.
G. C. Whittow, M. B. Naughton
The Paint-Billed Crake Breeding in Costa Rica. 422-424.
David M. Watson, Brett W. Benz
Additional Records of Fall and Winter Nesting by Killdeer in Southern United States. 424-426.
Kimberly G. Smith, W. Marvin Davis, Thomas E. Kienzle, William Post, Robert W. Chinn
Wild Turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo) Renest After Successful Hatch. 426-427.
Craig A. Harper, Jay H. Exum
Post-Migration Weight Gain of Swainson's Hawks in Argentina. 428-432.
Michael I. Goldstein, Peter H. Bloom, Jose H. Sarasola, Thomas E. Lacher
Siblicide at Northern Goshawk Nests: Does Food Play a Role?. 432-436.
Wendy A. Estes, Sarah R. Dewey, Patricia L. Kennedy
Cooperative Foraging in the Mountain Caracara in Peru. 437-439.
Jason Jones
Predation by Rufous Motmot on Black-And-Green Poison Dart Frog. 439-440.
Terry L. Master
Evidence of Egg Ejection in Mountain Bluebirds. 440-442.
Percy N. Hebert
Foraging Ovenbird Follows Armadillo. 443-444.
Douglas J. Levey

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