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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 111, Number 2 (1999)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


A Survey of Undergraduate Ornithology Courses in North America. 287-293.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr., W. Herbert Wilson, Jr.
Ornithological Literature. 294-301.

Major Papers

A New Species in the Myrmotherula Haematonota Superspecies (Aves; Thamnophilidae) From the Western Amazonian Lowlands of Ecuador and Peru. 157-165.
Niels Krabbe, Morton L. Isler, Phyllis R. Isler, Bret M. Whitney, Jose Alvarez A., Paul J. Greenfield
Comparative Spring Habitat and Food Use by Two Arctic Nesting Geese. 166-180.
Suzanne Carriere, Robert G. Bromley, Gilles Gauthier
A Test of the Condition-Bias Hypothesis Yields Different Results for Two Species of Sparrowhawks (Accipiter). 181-187.
Edna Gorney, William S. Clark, Yoram Yom-Tov
The Development of a Vocal Thermoregulatory Response to Temperature in Embryos of the Domestic Chicken. 188-194.
Shawn C. Bugden, Roger M. Evans
Behavior and Vocalizations of the Caura and the Yapacana Antbirds. 195-209.
Kevin J. Zimmer
Habitat Patch Size and Nesting Success of Yellow-Breasted Chats. 210-215.
Dirk E. Burhans, Frank R. Thompson, Iii
Avifauna of a Paraguayan Cerrado Locality: Parque Nacional Serrania San Luis, Depto. Concepcion. 216-228.
Mark B. Robbins, Rob. C. Faucett, Nathan H. Rice
Notes on the Avifauna of Tabasco. 229-235.
Kevin Winker, Stefan Arriaga Weiss, Juana Lourdes Trejo P., Patricia Escalante P.
Predation of Small Eggs in Artificial Nests: Effects of Nest Position, Edge, and Potential Predator Abundance in Extensive Forest. 236-242.
Richard M. Degraaf, Thomas J. Maier, Todd K. Fuller
Bird Use of Burned and Unburned Coniferous Forests During Winter. 243-250.
Karen J. Kreisel, Steven J. Stein
Nest Predators of Open and Cavity Nesting Birds in Oak Woodlands. 251-256.
Kathryn L. Purcell, Jared Verner

Short Communications

Juvenile Marbled Murrelet Nurseries and the Productivity Index. 257-261.
Katherine J. Kuletz, John F. Piatt
Snorkeling by the Chicks of the Wattled Jacana. 262-265.
Carlos Bosque, Emilio A. Herrera
Rapid Long-Distance Colonization of Lake Gatun, Panama, by Snail Kites. 265-268.
George R. Angehr
The Significant Others of American Kestrels: Cohabitation with Arthropods. 269-271.
Jeffrey P. Neubig, John A. Smallwood
Barred Owl Nest in Attic of Shed. 272-273.
C. Stuart Houston
Double Brooding in the Long-Eared Owl. 273-276.
Jeffrey S. Marks, Alison E. H. Perkins
Planning to Facilitate Caching: Possible Suet Cutting by a Common Raven. 276-278.
Bernd Heinrich
Pairing Success of Wood Thrushes in a Fragmented Agricultural Landscape. 279-281.
Lyle E. Friesen, Valerie E. Wyatt, Michael D. Cadman
Connecticut Warbler, a North American Migrant New to Ecuador. 281-282.
Olaf Jahn, Maria Eugenia Jara Viteri, Karl-L. Schuchmann
Parental Behavior of a Bigamous Male Northern Cardinal. 283-286.
Randall Breitwisch, Amy J. Schilling, Joshua B. Banks

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