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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 111, Number 1 (1999)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 144-156.

Major Papers

Annual Survival Rates of Female Hooded Mergansers and Wood Ducks in Southeastern Missouri. 1-6.
Katie M. Dugger, Bruce D. Dugger, Leigh H. Fredrickson
Comparative Nest Site Habitats in Sharp-Shinned and Cooper's Hawks in Wisconsin. 7-14.
Dale R. Trexel, Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielefeldt, Eugene A. Jacobs
Madagascar Fish-Eagle Prey Preference and Foraging Success. 15-21.
James Berkelman, James D. Fraser, Richard T. Watson
The Relationship Between Spotted Owl Diet and Reproductive Success in the San Bernardino Mountains, California. 22-29.
Richard B. Smith, M. Zachariah Peery, R.J. Gutierrez, William S. Lahaye
Food, Foraging, and Timing of Breeding of the Black Swift in California. 30-37.
Manuel Marin
Factors That Influence Translocation Success in the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. 38-45.
Kathleen E. Franzreb
Banding Returns, Arrival Pattern, and Site-Fidelity of White-Eyed Vireos. 46-55.
S. L. Hopp, A. Kirby, C. A. Boone
Response of Brown-Headed Nuthatches to Thinning of Pine Plantations. 56-60.
Michael D. Wilson, Bryan D. Watts
Differences in Migratory Timing and Energetic Condition Among Sex/Age Classes in Migrant Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. 61-69.
David L. Swanson, Eric T. Liknes, Kurtis L. Dean
Scale-Dependent Habitat Selection by American Redstarts in Aspen-Dominated Forest Fragments. 70-75.
Navjot S. Sodhi, Cynthia A. Paszkowski, Shannon Keehn
Female Mate Choice in Northern Cardinals: Is There a Preference for Redder Males?. 76-83.
L. Lareesa Wolfenbarger
Fruit Sugar Preferences of House Finches. 84-88.
Michael L. Avery, Carrie L. Schreiber, David G. Decker
Hierarchical Comparisons of Breeding Birds in Old-Growth Conifer-Hardwood Forest on the Appalachian Plateau. 89-99.
J. Christopher Haney
Effects of Wind Turbines on Upland Nesting Birds in Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands. 100-104.
Krecia L. Leddy, Kenneth F. Higgins, David E. Naugle
Avian Use of Purple Loosestrife Dominated Habitat Relative to Other Vegetation Types in a Lake Huron Wetland Complex. 105-114.
Michael B. Whitt, Harold H. Prince, Robert R. Cox, Jr.

Short Communications

Bald Eagle Predation on Common Loon Chick. 115-116.
James D. Paruk, Dean Seanfield, Tara Mack
Territorial Takeover in Common Loons (Gavia Immer). 116-117.
James D. Paruk
Courtship Behavior of the Buff-Necked Ibis (Theristicus Caudatus). 118-119.
Nathan H. Rice
Habitat Use by Masked Ducks Along the Gulf Coast of Texas. 119-121.
James T. Anderson, Thomas C. Tacha
Gizzard Contents of Piping Plover Chicks in Northern Michigan. 121-123.
Francesca J. Cuthbert, Brian Scholtens, Lauren C. Wemmer, Robyn Mclain
Nesting of Four Poorly-Known Bird Species on the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica. 124-128.
Bruce E. Young, James R. Zook
Sexual Dimorphism in the Song of Sumichrast's Wren. 128-130.
Monica Perez-Villafana, Hector Gomez De Silva G., Atahualpa Desucre-Medrano
An Incident of Female-Female Aggression in the House Wren. 130-132.
Tom Alworth, Isabella B. R. Scheiber
Nest Reuse by Wood Thrushes and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. 132-133.
Lyle E. Friesen, Valerie E. Wyatt, Michael D. Cadman
Singing in a Mated Female Wilson's Warbler. 134-137.
William M. Gilbert, Adele F. Carroll
Laying Time of the Bronzed Cowbird. 137-139.
Brian D. Peer, Spencer G. Sealy
Temporal Differences in Point Counts of Bottomland Forest Landbirds. 139-143.
Winston Paul Smith, Daniel J. Twedt

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