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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 110, Number 4 (1998)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Ornithology in Northern Central America. 504.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
Habitat Use and Reproductive Ecology of the Ocellated Turkey in Tikal National Park, Guatemala. 505-510.
Maria Jose Gonzalez, Howard B. Quigley, Curtis I. Taylor
Avian Diversity in El Salvador. 511-533.
Oliver Komar
Distribution and Conservation of Birds of Northern Central America. 534-543.
A. Townsend Peterson, Griselda Escalona-Segura, Jerry A. Griffith
Ornithology in Belize Since 1960. 544-558.
Bruce W. Miller, Carolyn M. Miller
The Quetzal and Its Conservation in the Mexican Southeast. 559.
Maria De Lourdes Avila Hernandez
Ornithological Literature. 579-584.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Ninth Annual Meeting. 585-598.
John A. Smallwood
Acknowledgments. 599-600.
Index to Volume 110, 1998. 601-624.
Kathleen G. Beal

Major Papers

Migration of Western Sandpipers: Links Between their Alaskan Stopover Areas and Breeding Grounds. 457-462.
Mary Anne Bishop, Nils Warnock
Breeding Biology of the Monk Parakeet. 463-473.
Jessica R. Eberhard
Landscape and Fine Scale Habitat Associations of the Loggerhead Shrike. 474-482.
Heidi L. Michaels, Jack F. Cully, Jr.
Food of Nestling Northwestern Crows. 483-488.
N. A. M. Verbeek
Advantages of Coloniality in Female Boat-Tailed Grackles. 489-496.
William Post
Vertical Distributions of Breeding-Season Birds: Is Human Intrusion Influential?. 497-503.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Krista L. Clements, Heidi A. Marcum, Charles A. Wilkins, Stanley H. Anderson

Short Communications

Attempted Kleptoparasitism of Ospreys by Great Blue Herons. 560.
John R. Squires
The First Record of Burrowing Owls Nesting in a Building. 560-561.
Ricardo Zambrano
Incestuous Behavior in Spotted Owls. 562-564.
Peter C. Carlson, William S. Lahaye, Alan B. Franklin
Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers Ensnared in Mesh Snake Traps. 564-566.
Sheridan Samano, Douglas R. Wood, Jonathan Cole, Francisco J. Vilella, L. Wesley Burger, Jr.
Unambiguous Evidence of Helping at the Nest in Bridled Titmice. 567-569.
Beth J. Christman, Steven J. C. Gaulin
Swainson's Thrush Caught in Enchanter's Nightshade. 569-570.
Julie A. Craves
Comparisons of Wintering Bird Communities in Mature Pine Stands Managed by Prescribed Burning. 570-574.
T. Gregory King, Mark A. Howell, Brian R. Chapman, Karl V. Miller, Robert A. Schorr
Egg Size and Cotton Rat Predation. 575-578.
Troy L. Ettel, David A. Buehler, Allan E. Houston

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