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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 110, Number 2 (1998)

Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 296-306.

Major Pages

Effects of Flushing Nesting Greater Prairie-Chickens in Illinois. 190-197.
Ronald L. Westemeier, John E. Buhnerkempe, Jeffrey D. Brawn

Major Papers

Geographic Variation and Reassessment of Species Limits in the Masked Boobies of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. 155-170.
Robert L. Pitman, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Seasonal Numbers and Distribution of Shorebirds on North Carolina's Outer Banks. 171-181.
Stephen J. Dinsmore, Jaime A. Collazo, Jeffrey R. Walters
Environmental Correlates of Diurnal and Nocturnal Foraging Patterns of Nonbreeding Shorebirds. 182-189.
Sarah L. Dodd, Mark A. Colwell
Factors Affecting the Size of Ferruginous Hawk Home Ranges. 198-205.
Alan W. Leary, Rosemary Mazaika, Marc J. Bechard
Dispersal Movements and Survival Rates of Juvenile Mexican Spotted Owls in Northern Arizona. 206-217.
Joseph L. Ganey, William M. Block, Jill K. Dwyer, Brenda E. Strohmeyer, Jeffrey S. Jenness
The Influence of Starlings on Flicker Reproduction When Both Naturally Excavated Cavities and Artificial Nest Boxes Are Available. 218-225.
Danny J. Ingold
Breeding Biology of Acadian Flycatchers in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest. 226-232.
R. Randy Wilson, Robert J. Cooper
Comparative Reproductive Biology of Three Species of Swallows in a Common Environment. 233-243.
Joy M. Ramstack, Michael T. Murphy, Michael R. Palmer
Winter Habitat of Kirtland's Warbler: an Endangered Nearctic/Neotropical Migrant. 244-261.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr., Mary H. Clench
Nesting Biology of the Baird's Sparrow in Southwestern Manitoba. 262-270.
Stephen K. Davis, Spencer G. Sealy
Avian Resource Use in Dominican Shade Coffee Plantations. 271-281.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr., Steven C. Latta

Short Communications

Discovery of a Harlequin Duck Nest in Eastern North America. 282-285.
Michael S. Rodway, John W. Gosse Jr.,, Ian Fong, William A. Montevecchi
Maturation and Variation of Head Characteristics in Sandhill Cranes. 285-288.
Stephen A. Nesbitt, Stephen T. Schwikert
First North American Record of a Melanistic Osprey. 289-290.
William S. Clark
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Cavity Tree Resin Avoidance by Southern Flying Squirrels. 291-292.
Richard R. Schaefer, Daniel Saenz
Migrant Bird Participation at an Army Ant Swarm in Montane Jalisco, Mexico. 293-295.
Robert C. Dobbs, Paul R. Maritn

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