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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 109, Number 2 (1997)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 356-369.
Change of Editor. 370.

Major Papers

Population Declines of the Puerto Rican Vireo in Guanica Forest. 195-202.
John Faaborg, Kate M. Dugger, Wayne J. Arendt, Bethany L. Woodworth, Michael E. Baltz
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Foraging Ecology in an Old-Growth Longleaf Pine Forest. 203-217.
R. Todd Engstrom, Felicia J. Sanders
Consumption of Colored and Flavored Food Morsels by Harris' and American Tree Sparrows. 218-225.
Robert J. Robel, Jeffrey F. Keating, John L. Zimmerman, Keith C. Behnke, Kenneth E. Kemp
Natal Dispersal and Philopatry of Southeastern American Kestrels in Florida. 226-232.
Karl E. Miller, John A. Smallwood
Nesting Success of Kentucky and Hooded Warblers in Bottomland Forests of South Carolina. 233-238.
Robert A. Sargent, John C. Kilgo, Brian R. Chapman, Karl V. Miller
Effect of Clearcut Borders on Distribution and Abundance of Forest Birds in Northern New Hampshire. 239-245.
David I. King, Curtice R. Griffin, Richard M. Degraaf
Seasonal Shifts in the Effects of Weather on the Visible Migration of Red-Tailed Hawks at Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania, 1992-1994. 246-252.
Bryan Maransky, Laurie Goodrich, Keith Bildstein
Migration of the Willow Flycatcher Along the Middle Rio Grande. 253-268.
Wang Yong, Deborah M. Finch
Northern Cardinal Sexes Defend Nests Equally. 269-278.
Paul M. Nealen, Randall Breitwisch
The Context and Function of Duet and Solo Songs in the Red-Shouldered Blackbird. 279-289.
Linda A. Whittingham, Arturo Kirkconnell, Laurene M. Ratcliffe
Some Aspects of the Breeding Biology of the Black Swift. 290-306.
Manuel Marin
Using Eggshell Evidence to Determine Nest Fate of Shorebirds. 307-313.
Todd J. Mabee

Short Communications

Comparison of Breeding Bird Communities in Bottomland Hardwood Forests of Different Successional Stages. 314-319.
J. Matthew Buffington, John C. Kilgo, Robert A. Sargent, Karl V. Miller, Brian R. Chapman
The First Nest Records of the Sooty Antbird (Myrmeciza Fortis) with Notes on Eggs and Nestling Development. 319-324.
Fiona A. Wilkinson, Una R. Smith
Intermittent Incubation During Egg Laying in House Sparrows. 324-328.
Ted R. Anderson
Individual, Brood, and Sex Variation in Begging Calls of Western Bluebirds. 328-332.
Daniela S. Monk, Walter D. Koenig
Communal Roosting Behavior of the Cave Swallow in El Salvador. 332-337.
Oliver Komar
Piping Plovers Produce Two Broods. 337-339.
Grace E. Bottitta, Andrew M. Cole, Beth Lapin
Response of Six Species of Hawaiian Forest Birds to a 1991-1992 El Nino Drought. 339-343.
Gerald D. Lindsey, Thane K. Pratt, Michelle H. Reynolds, James D. Jacobi
Daily Variation in Activity and Flock Size of Two Parakeet Species From Southeastern Brazil. 343-348.
Marco Aurelio Pizo, Isaac Simao, Mauro Galetti
Male-Biased Breeding Ground Fidelity and Longevity in American Golden-Plovers. 348-351.
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson, Phillip L. Bruner, Andrea E. Bruner, Ronald J. Kienholz, Paul A. Brusseau
Greater Flamingos Breed on Aldabra Atoll, Republic of Seychelles. 351-353.
Raymond E. Rainbolt, Dave M. Augeri, Susan M. Pierce, Mitchell T. Bergeson
Wildlife Mortality and Entanglement by Discarded Hip Chain String. 353-355.
John P. Loegering

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