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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 109, Number 1 (1997)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 185-194.

Major Papers

Population Changes in Boreal Forest Birds in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 1-27.
David A. Kirk, Antony W. Diamond, Alan R. Smith, George E. Holland, Paul Chytyk
Nests of Northern Spotted Owls on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 28-41.
Eric D. Forsman, Alan R. Giese
Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Success of California Spotted Owls. 42-51.
W. S. Lahaye, R. J. Gutierrez, D. R. Call
Age-Related Timing of Migration: Geographic and Interspecific Patterns. 52-67.
Mark S. Woodrey, C. Ray Chandler
The Effect of Age on Nest Concealment and Its Complimentary Effect on Production of Wood Thrush. 68-73.
Mark S. Johnson
Effects of Female Cowbird Removal on Reproductive Success of Hooded Warblers. 74-81.
Bridget J. M. Stutchbury
Effects of Prescribed Fire on Movements of Female Sage Grouse From Breeding to Summer Ranges. 82-91.
Richard A. Fischer, Wayne L. Wakkinen, Kerry P. Reese, John W. Connelly
Regulation of Growth in Red Kites and Imperial Eagles. 92-101.
Javier Vinuela, Miguel Ferrer
Nest-Site Characteristics and Nesting Success of the Malabar Gray Hornbill in the Southern Western Ghats, India. 102-111.
Divya C. Mudappa, Ragupathy Kannan
Siblicide in Swallow-Tailed Kites. 112-120.
Richard P. Gerhardt, Dawn M. Gerhardt, Miguel Angel Vasquez
Habitat Selection of Lewis' Woodpeckers in Southeastern Colorado. 121-130.
Kerri T. Vierling
Home Range and Habitat Use of Red-Shouldered Hawks in Georgia. 131-144.
Doug L. Howell, Brian R. Chapman
Nestling Provisioning by the Extremely Dichromatic Northern Cardinal. 145-153.
Tamatha S. Filliater, Randall Breitwisch

Short Communications

Long-Distance Dispersal of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. 154-157.
D. Pat Ferral, John W. Edwards, Amy E. Armstrong
Long-Distance Dispersal of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in Texas. 157-160.
Richard N. Conner, D. Craig Rudolph, Richard R. Schaefer, Daniel Saenz
Factors Affecting the Survival of Ovenbirds Wintering in the Northeast. 161-166.
Robert S. Mulvihill, Robert C. Leberman
Nesting of Lesser Nighthawks on Beaches in El Salvador. 167-168.
Oliver Komar, Wilfredo Rodriguez
Possible Use of Wading Birds As Beaters by Snail Kites, Boat-Tailed Grackles, and Limpkins. 169-173.
Robert E. Bennetts, Victoria J. Dreitz
A Description of Nests and Behavior of the Gray-Headed Kite. 173-177.
Russell Thorstrom
Production of Erythristic Eggs by the Black-Headed Gull in Poland. 177-182.
Dariusz Bukacinski, Monika Bukacinska
Variable Plumage Ontogeny in the Black (Turdus Infuscatus) and Glossy-Black Robins (T. Serranus). 182-184.
Griselda Escalona-Segura, A. Townsend Peterson

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