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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 108, Number 4 (1996)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Ornithological Literature. 809-812.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Seventh Annual Meeting. 813-824.
John A. Smallwood
Index to Volume 108, 1996. 825-848.
Kathleen G. Beal

Major Papers

Description of Adults, Eggshells, Nestling, Fledgling, and Nest of the Poo-Uli. 607-619.
Andrew Engilis, Jr., Thane K. Pratt, Cameron B. Kepler, A. Marie Ecton, Kimberly M. Fluetsch
Nesting Behavior of the Poo-Uli. 620-638.
Cameron B. Kepler, Thane K. Pratt, A. Marie Ecton, Andrew Engilis, Jr., Kimberly M. Fluetsch
Population Density, Vocal Behavior, and Recommended Survey Methods for Bicknell's Thrush. 639-649.
Christopher C. Rimmer, Jonathan L. Atwood, Kent P. Mcfarland, Laura R. Nagy
Distribution of Bicknell's Thrush in New England and New York. 650-661.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Christopher C. Rimmer, Kent P. Mcfarland, Sophia H. Tsai, Laura R. Nagy
Migration Routes of the Western Sandpiper. 662-672.
Robert W. Butler, Francisco S. Delgado, Horacio De La Cueva, Victor Pulido, Brett K. Sandercock
Breeding Behavior and Reproductive Success of Cerulean Warblers in Southeastern Ontario. 673-684.
Catherine J. Oliarnyk, Raleigh J. Robertson
Grit-Use Patterns in North American Birds: the Influence of Diet, Body Size, and Gender. 685-696.
James P. Gionfriddo, Louis B. Best
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Nesting Success, Forest Structure, and Southern Flying Squirrels in Texas. 697-711.
Richard N. Conner, D. Craig Rudolph, Daniel Saenz, Richard R. Schaefer
Habitat-Use Patterns in Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Breeding Birds: Testing Predictions with Western Scrub-Jays. 712-727.
D. Brent Burt
Nutritional Value of Winter Foods for Whooping Cranes. 728-739.
Jay T. Nelson, R. Douglas Slack, George F. Gee
Territories and Caching-Related Behavior of Red-Headed Woodpeckers Wintering in a Beech Grove. 740-747.
Paul F. Doherty, Jr., Thomas C. Grubb, Jr., C. L. Bronson
Seasonal Abundance of Migrant Birds and Food Resources in Panamanian Mangrove Forests. 748-759.
Gaetan Lefebvre, Brigitte Poulin
Effects of Conservation Reserve Program Field Age on Avian Relative Abundance, Diversity, and Productivity. 760-770.
Kelly F. Millenbah, Scott R. Winterstein, Henry Campa Iii, Ly T. Furrow, Richard B. Minnis
Female Buntings From Hybridizing Populations Prefer Conspecific Males. 771-775.
Myron C. Baker
Surveys of Puerto Rican Screech-Owl Populations in Large-Tract and Fragmented Forest Habitats. 776-782.
Keith L. Pardieck, J. Michael Meyers, Michelle Pagan
The Use of Coastal Agricultural Fields in Virginia As Foraging Habitat by Shorebirds. 783-796.
Stephen C. Rottenborn

Short Communications

Extra Nest Site Occupancy by Tree Swallows: Do Floaters Avoid Nest Sites Near Settled Pairs?. 797-802.
Jeremy S. Mitchell, Raleigh J. Robertson
Swainson's Warblers Nesting in Early Seral Pine Forests in East Texas. 802-804.
N. Ross Carrie
Measurements of Snail Kite Eggs From Central Florida. 804-807.
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
The Andean Flamingo in Brazil. 807-808.
Marcos R. Bornschein, Bianca L. Reinert

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