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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 108, Number 2 (1996)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 385-394.

Major Papers

Geographic Variation and Species Limits in Cinnycerthia Wrens of the Andes. 205-227.
Robb T. Brumfield, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Nest Attentiveness in Hummingbirds. 228-245.
William H. Baltosser
Seasonal Population Surveys and Natural History of a Micronesian Bird Community. 246-267.
Robert J. Craig
Natural History and Conservation Status of the Tamarugo Conebill in Northern Chile. 268-279.
Cristian F. Estades
Avian Abundance in Riparian Zones of Three Forest Types in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon. 280-291.
Robert G. Anthony, Gregory A. Green, Eric D. Forsman, S. Kim Nelson
Habitat Changes and Success of Artificial Nests on an Alkaline Flat. 292-301.
Marcus T. Koenen, David M. Leslie, Jr., Mark Gregory
Nesting Ecology of Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers in South Texas. 302-316.
Kenneth R. Nolte, Timothy E. Fulbright
Breeding Biology of the Brown Noddy on Tern Island, Hawaii. 317-334.
Jennifer L. Megyesi, Curtice R. Griffin
Discrimination Between Regional Song Forms in the Northern Parula. 335-341.
Daniel J. Regelski, Ralph R. Moldenhauer
Dispersal and Habitat Use by Post-Fledging Juvenile Snowy Egrets and Black-Crowned Night-Herons. 342-356.
R. Michael Erwin, John G. Haig, Daniel B. Stotts, Jeff S. Hatfield
Nest-Site Selection of Red-Shouldered and Red-Tailed Hawks in a Managed Forest. 357-368.
Christopher E. Moorman, Brian R. Chapman

Short Communications

Avoidance of Cabbage Fields by Snow Geese. 369-371.
J. Russell Mason, Larry Clark
Taxonomic Status of the Cuban Form of the Red-Winged Blackbird. 372-374.
Orlando Garrido, Arturo Kirkconnell
Nest Adoption by Monk Parakeets. 374-377.
Jessica R. Eberhard
Vermilion Flycatcher and Black Phoebe Feeding on Fish. 377-378.
Brenda J. Andrews, Marie Sullivan, J. David Hoerath
Nest-Site Reuse in the Western Wood-Pewee. 378-380.
David R. Curson, Christopher B. Goguen, Nancy E. Mathews
Nest Sharing by a Lesser Scaup Aud a Greater Scaup. 380-381.
Michael A. Fournier, James E. Hines
Carnivory Observed in the Cedar Waxwing. 381-382.
David I. King
A Case of Cooperative Breeding in the Hooded Warbler. 382-384.
Scott A. Tarof, Bridget J. Stutchbury

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