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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 107, Number 4 (1995)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Ornithological Literature. 770-775.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting. 776-789.
John L. Zimmerman
Index to Volume 107, 1995. 790-814.
Kathleen G. Beal

Major Papers

Neotropical Migrants in Undisturbed and Human-Altered Forests of Jamaica. 577-589.
John L. Confer, Richard T. Holmes
An Experimental Study of Nest Predation in a Subtropical Wet Forest Following Hurricane Disturbance. 590-602.
Steven C. Latta, Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr., Esteban Terranova, Michelle Pagan
Landscape Characteristics Associated with Active and Abandoned Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Clusters in East Texas. 603-614.
John R. Thomlinson
Are Red-Tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls Diurnal-Nocturnal Dietary Counterparts?. 615-628.
Carl D. Marti, Michael N. Kochert
Feeding Behavior, Prey Selection, and Bill Size of Pied and Sooty Oystercatchers in Australia. 629-640.
Brook Lauro, Erica Nol
Comparison of Phylogenies Derived From Two Molecular Data Sets in the Avian Genera Pipilo and Spizella. 641-654.
Anthony G. Dodge, Adam J. Fry, Rachelle C. Blackwell, Robert M. Zink
Within-Season Trends in the Foraging Behavior of the Mountain Chickadee. 655-666.
Paula K. Kleintjes, Donald L. Dahlsten
Demographics of a Declining Flock of Greater Sandhill Cranes in Oregon. 667-674.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Breeding Biology of a Grey Eagle-Buzzard Population in Patagonia. 675-685.
Fernando Hiraldo, Jose A. Donazar, Olga Ceballos, Alejandro Travaini, Javier Bustamante, Martin Funes
Habitat Use at Night by Wintering American Woodcock in Coastal Georgia and Virginia. 686-697.
David G. Krementz, John T. Seginak, Grey W. Pendleton
Abundance and Distribution of Overwintering Passerines in Bottomland Hardwood Forests in North Carolina. 698-708.
Nanette S. Zeller, Jaime A. Collazo
Contributions of the Conservation Reserve Program to Populations of Breeding Birds in North Dakota. 709-718.
Douglas H. Johnson, Lawrence D. Igl

Short Communications

Birds of Coniferous Forest on Mount Graham, Arizona. 719-723.
Joe T. Marshall
Seasonal and Diurnal Mass Variation in Black-Capped Chickadees and White-Throated Sparrows. 723-727.
Susannah K. Graedel, Robert E. Loveland
Detectability and Population Density of Scaly-Naped Pigeons Before and After Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico and Vieques Island. 727-733.
Frank F. Rivera-Milan
Botfly Ectoparasitism of the Brown Cacholote and the Firewood-Gatherer. 734-738.
Ana I. Nores
Seasonal Response of Wood Thrushes to Taped-Playback Songs. 738-741.
Richard H. Yahner, Bradley D. Ross
Effects of Laying Date, Clutch Size, and Communal Nest Size on the Reproductive Success of Monk Parakeets. 742-746.
Joaquin L. Navarro, Monica B. Martella, Enrique H. Bucher
The Influence of Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers on Local Insect Community Structure. 746-752.
Leslie J. Rissler, David N. Karowe, Francesca Cuthbert, Brian Scholtens
Diurnal Activity Budgets of Pre-Nesting Sandhill Cranes in Arctic Canada. 752-756.
Anthony D. Fox, Hugh Boyd, Robert G. Bromley
Mate Guarding Tactics Used by Great Crested Flycatchers. 757-761.
Elizabeth A. Macdougall-Shackleton, Raleigh J. Robertson
Red Imported Fire Ant Predation on Crested Caracara Nestlings in South Texas. 761-762.
Vanessa M. Dickinson
Food Delivery and Food Holding During Copulation in the Loggerhead Shrike. 762-764.
Christopher P. Woods
Additional Records of Owls and Wood Warblers From Mexico. 765.
Armando J. Contreras-Balderas, Juan A. Garcia-Salas, Jose I. Gonzalez-Rojas
An Unusual Record of Sandhill Crane Philopatry. 766.
Carroll D. Littlefield, Gary L. Ivey
Ghost Crab Preys on Piping Plover Eggs. 767-768.
Bryan D. Watts, Dana S. Bradshaw
Ghost Crab Preys on a Piping Plover Chick. 768-769.
John P. Loegering, James D. Fraser, Lisa L. Loegering

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