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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 107, Number 3 (1995)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ornithological Literature. 568-574.

Major Papers

Arctic Fox Influence on a Seabird Community in Labrador: a Natural Experiment. 397-412.
T. R. Birkhead, D. N. Nettleship
Migration Chronology, Sex Ratio, and Body Mass of Least Sandpipers in British Columbia. 413-422.
Robert W. Butler, Gary W. Kaiser
Common Terns Nesting on Navigational Aids and Natural Islands in the St. Lawrence River, New York. 423-436.
Kenneth Karwowski, J. Edward Gates, Lee H. Harper
Foraging Sociability of Nesting Wading Birds (Ciconiiformes) at Lake Okeechobee, Florida. 437-451.
Jeff P. Smith
Distribution and Abundance of Raptors in Puerto Rico. 452-462.
Frank F. Rivera-Milan
Bird Species Richness in Relation to Isolation of Aspen Habitats. 463-474.
Gail M. Turchi, Patricia L. Kennedy, Dean Urban, Dale Hein
Breeding Biology of Florida Prairie Warblers and Cuban Yellow Warblers. 475-484.
John W. Prather, Alexander Cruz
Arthropod Prey of Nestling Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in the Upper Coastal Plain of South Carolina. 485-495.
James L. Hanula, Kathleen E. Franzreb
The Calls and Associated Behavior of Breeding Willow Ptarmigan in Canada. 496-509.
Kathy Martin, Andrew G. Horn, Susan J. Hannon
Natural History of the Monk Parakeet in Hyde Park, Chicago. 510-517.
Jeremy Hyman, Stephen Pruett-Jones
Successful Nesting Behavior of Puerto Rican Parrots. 518-529.
Karen A. Wilson, Rebecca Field, Marcia H. Wilson
Life History and Ecology of Flammulated Owls in a Marginal New Mexico Population. 530-537.
D. Archibald Mccallum, Frederick R. Gehlbach, Sophie W. Webb

Short Communications

The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Male Northern Mockingbirds During the Breeding Season. 538-542.
Michael J. Justice, Cheryl A. Logan
Effects of Food Supplementation and Predator Simulation on Nuthatches and Parids Within Mixed-Species Flocks. 542-547.
Peter H. Yaukey
Mallard-Like Ducks in the Playa Lakes Region. 548-551.
Alan M. Fedynich, Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.
First Description of the Nest and Eggs of the Socorro Mockingbird. 551-555.
Juan E. Martinez Gomez, Robert L. Curry
Exceptional Response by Female Red Crossbills to Dietary Carotenoid Supplementation. 555-557.
Geoffrey E. Hill, Craig W. Benkman
Winter Food of a Small Insectivorous Bird, the Golden-Crowned Kinglet. 558-561.
Bernd Heinrich, Ross Bell
First Nesting Record of the Great-Tailed Grackle in Oregon. 562-563.
Eric J. Scheuering, Gary L. Ivey
Ground-Nesting Long-Eared Owls. 563-565.
Michael T. Maples, Denver W. Holt, R. Wayne Campbell
Gray Flycatcher Predation on a Hummingbird. 565-567.
Gilles Seutin, Victor Apanius

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