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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 107, Number 2 (1995)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 388-396.

Major Papers

Historic and Taxonomic Implications of Recently Found Artwork in Arithmetic Books of Students of Alexander Wilson. 193-213.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr., William E. Davis, Jr.
Phylogeny and Comparative Ecology of Stiff-Tailed Ducks (Anatidae: Oxyurini). 214-234.
Bradley C. Livezey
Morphological and Genetic Divergence Among Alaskan Populations of Brachyramphus Murrelets. 235-250.
Jay Pitocchelli, John Piatt, Matthew A. Cronin
Sheep Carcass Availability and Use by Bald Eagles. 251-257.
N. Vern Marr, Daniel Edge, Robert G. Anthony, Ray Valburg
Food Habits of Bald Eagles Breeding in the Arizona Desert. 258-274.
Teryl G. Grubb
Breeding Biology of Snowy Plovers at Great Salt Lake, Utah. 275-288.
Peter W. C. Paton
Eastern Bluebirds Are Attracted to Two-Box Sites. 289-295.
Jonathan H. Plissner, Patricia Adair Gowaty
Plasma Corticosterone Levels in Two Species of Zonotrichia Sparrows Under Captive and Free-Living Conditions. 296-305.
Peter P. Marra, Kevin T. Lampe, Bruce L. Tedford
Some Factors Affecting Precision of the Total Body Electrical Conductivity Technique for Measuring Body Composition in Live Birds. 306-316.
Andreas Asch, Daniel D. Roby
Avian Predation at Penguin Colonies on King George Island, Antarctica. 317-327.
Steven D. Emslie, Nina Karnovsky, Wayne Trivelpiece
Hatching, Growth, and Mortality of Magnificent Frigatebird Chicks in Southern Baja California. 328-337.
Roberto Carmona, Juan Guzman, Juan F. Elorduy
Intensity and Chronology of Postreproductive Molts in Male Canvasbacks. 338-358.
Jonathan E. Thompson, Ronald D. Drobney

Short Communications

Molt Chronology of Male Mallards Wintering in Missouri. 359-365.
Daniel L. Combs, Leigh H. Fredrickson
Habitat Use by Wintering and Breeding Bird Communities in Relation to Edge in an Irrigated Forest. 365-371.
Richard H. Yahner
Sequence of Plumage Evolution in the Standardwing Bird of Paradise. 371-373.
Gary R. Graves
Roosting Behavior of Prothonotary Warblers in the Non-Breeding Season. 374-376.
Ian G. Warkentin, Eugene S. Morton
Time of Day of Egg Laying by Eastern Bluebirds. 377-379.
Susan B. Meek, Raleigh J. Robertson
Sex-Biased Kleptoparasitism of Hooded Mergansers by Ring-Billed Gulls. 379-382.
Felipe Chavez-Ramirez
Intraspecific Variation in Egg Composition. 382-387.
Wendy L. Hill

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