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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 106, Number 2 (1994)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 417-419.

Major Papers

Behavior and Parentage of a White-Throated Sparrow X Dark-Eyed Junco Hybrid. 189-202.
Robin E. Jung, Eugene S. Morton, Robert C. Fleischer
Habitat Characterization of Secondary Cavity-Nesting Birds in Oklahoma. 203-226.
Darrell W. Pogue, Gary D. Schnell
Influence of Nest-Site Competition Between European Starlings and Woodpeckers. 227-241.
Danny J. Ingold
Snag Condition and Woodpecker Foraging Ecology in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest. 242-257.
Richard N. Conner, Stanley D. Jones, Gretchen D. Jones
Patterns of Mortality in Nests of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in the Sandhills of Southcentral North Carolina. 258-271.
Melinda S. Labranche, Jeffrey R. Walters
Predator-Prey Interactions Between Eagles and Cackling Canada and Ross' Geese During Winter in California. 272-288.
Scott R. Mcwilliams, Jon P. Dunn, Dennis G. Raveling
Chick Movements and Adoption in a Colony of Black-Legged Kittiwakes. 289-298.
Bay D. Roberts, Scott A. Hatch
Day/Night Variation in Habitat Use by Wilson's Plovers in Northeastern Venezuela. 299-310.
Michel Thibault, Raymond Mcneil
Breeding Biology of the White-Rumped Shama on Oahu, Hawaii. 311-328.
Celestino Flores Aguon, Sheila Conant
Relationship of Body Size of Male Sharp-Tailed Grouse to Location of Individual Territories on Leks. 329-337.
Leonard J. S. Tsuji, Daniel R. Koslovic, Marla B. Sokolowski, Roger I. C. Hansell
Metabolic Rate of American Woodcock. 338-343.
W. Matthew Vander Haegen, Ray B. Owen, Jr.,, William B. Krohn
Yellow-Legged Gulls (Larus Cachinnans) in North America. 344-356.
Claudia Wilds, David Czaplak
Behavior of Horned Guans in Chiapas, Mexico. 357-365.
Fernando Gonzalez-Garcia
Composition and Phenology of an Avian Community in the Rio Grande Plain of Texas. 366-380.
Jorge H. Vega, John H. Rappole
Understory Avifauna of a Bornean Peat Swamp Forest: Is It Depauperate?. 381-390.
James C. Gaither, Jr.

Short Communications

Bird Sightings From a Nuclear-Powered Ice Breaker From Across the Arctic Ocean to the Geographic North Pole 90[Degree]N. 391-392.
David F. Parmelee, Jean M. Parmelee
Hatchability of American Pipit Eggs in the Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming. 392-399.
Paul Hendricks, Christopher J. Norment
Phthiraptera Infestation of Five Shorebird Species. 400-403.
John E. Hunter, Mark A. Colwell
Double Brooding in Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. 403-408.
Melinda S. Labranche, Jeffrey R. Walters, Kevin S. Laves
Direct Use of Wings by Foraging Woodpeckers. 408-411.
Penny S. Reynolds, Steven L. Lima
Does Use of Doubly Labeled Water in Metabolic Studies Alter Activity Levels of Common Poorwills?. 412-415.
Kevin L. Zurowski, R. Mark Brigham
Common Snapping Turtle Eats Duck Eggs. 416.
Thomas J. Thorp, Libby S. Clark

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