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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 105, Number 3 (1993)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ornithological Literature. 536-544.

Major Papers

The Green Jay Turns Blue in Peru: Interrelated Aspects of the Annual Cycle in the Arid Tropical Zone. 389-398.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert E. Jones
Population Structure and Gene Flow in the Chipping Sparrow and a Hypothesis for Evolution in the Genus Spizella. 399-413.
Robert M. Zink, Donna L. Dittmann
Egg-Laying Intervals in the Lesser Snow Goose. 414-426.
Claudia A. Schubert, Fred Cooke
Eggs, Nests, and Nesting Behavior of Akiapolaau (Drepanidinae). 427-435.
Paul C. Banko, Julia Williams
Changing Nest Placement of Hawaiian Common Amakihi During the Breeding Cycle. 436-447.
Charles Van Riper Iii, M. D. Kern, M. K. Sogge
Fledging Success in Experimentally Manipulated Broods of House Wrens. 448-454.
Todd W. Arnold
Spacing Behavior and Reproductive Ecology of the Semipalmated Plover at Churchill, Manitoba. 455-464.
Allison Rippin Armstrong, Erica Nol
Reproductive Success of American Kestrels Nesting Along an Interstate Highway in Central Iowa. 465-474.
Daniel E. Varland, Thomas M. Loughin
Breeding Biology of the Eurasian Nuthatch in Northeastern Siberia. 475-482.
Vladimir V. Pravosudov
The Duetting Behavior of Eastern Screech-Owls. 483-489.
Paul H. Klatt, Gary Ritchison
Breeding Season Diet of Short-Eared Owls in Massachusetts. 490-496.
Denver W. Holt
Trophic Niche of Nearctic Short-Eared Owls. 497-503.
Denver W. Holt
House Sparrow Response to Monofilament Lines at Nest Boxes and Adjacent Feeding Sites. 504-513.
Patricia A. Pochop, Ron J. Johnson, Kent M. Eskridge

Short Communications

Additional Observations on the Birds of the Exumas, Bahama Islands. 514-518.
Donald W. Buden, Alexander Sprunt Iv
Predation by Herring Gulls and Great Black-Backed Gulls on Horseshoe Crabs. 518-521.
Mark L. Botton, Robert E. Loveland
Ground Nest Predation and Ruffed Grouse Densities in Southwest Virginia. 521-524.
David G. Hewitt, Roy L. Kirkpatrick
Potential Predatory Attack by Common Ravens on Porcupines. 524-525.
Thomas M. Gehring
Sexual Differences in Bill Shape and External Measurements of Crested Anklets. 525-529.
Ian L. Jones
American Redstarts Using Yellow Warblers' Nests. 529-531.
Stephen M. Yezerinac
Parent Loggerhead Shrikes Induce Nestlings to Fledge. 531-532.
Christopher P. Woods
Hatching Year Kirtland's Warbler Captured in Unusual Habitat. 532-533.
Carol I. Bocetti
Migrant Hooded Warblers As Prey of Neotropical Frogs. 533.
Richard C. Vogt, Jesus Ramirez, Jose Luis Villareal B.
First Records of the Yellow Tyrannulet (Capsiempis Flaveola) in Peru. 534.
Grace P. Servat
Interspecific Killing in the Pacific Loon. 534-535.
Gregory J. Robertson

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