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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 105, Number 1 (1993)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 195-213.
Information for Authors. 214-215.

Major Papers

Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives on Escape From Predatory Attack: a Survey of North American Birds. 1-47.
Steven L. Lima
Re-Evaluation of Morph-Specific Variations in Parental Behavior of the White-Throated Sparrow. 48-59.
Jeffrey G. Kopachena, J. Bruce Falls
Breeding Ground Fidelity and Mate Retention in the Pacific Golden-Plover. 60-67.
Oscar W. Johnson, Peter G. Connors, Phillip L. Bruner, John L. Maron
Proximate Determinants of Foraging Effort in Breeding Male Merlins. 68-76.
Navjot S. Sodhi
Habitat Characteristics Related to Pileated Woodpecker Densities in Missouri. 77-83.
Rochelle B. Renken, Ernie P. Wiggers
Reproductive Ecology of Dusky Flycatchers in Western Montana. 84-92.
James A. Sedgwick
Biochemical and Morphometric Relationships Among Some Members of the Cardinalinae. 93-113.
Jeffrey W. Tamplin, James W. Demastes, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Avifauna of a Chaco Locality in Bolivia. 114-141.
Andrew W. Kratter, T. Scott Sillett, R. Terry Chesser, John P. O'Neill, Theodore A. Parker Iii, Abel Castillo
Status and Population Trends of Hawaii's Native Waterbirds, 1977-1987. 142-158.
Andrew Engilis, Jr., Thane K. Pratt
Behavioral Development of Male and Female Red-Winged Blackbirds. 159-166.
Kevin L. Teather
Current Status of the Socorro Mockingbird. 167-171.
Aradit Castellanos, Ricardo Rodriguez-Estrella
Dynamics of Depredation on Artificial Ground Nests in Habitat Managed for Ruffed Grouse. 172-179.
Richard H. Yahner, Carolyn G. Mahan, Colleen A. Delong
Influence of Observation Posts on Territory Size of Northern Shrikes. 180-183.
Reuven Yosef

Short Communications

The Forster's Tern in Minnesota: Status, Distribution, and Reproductive Success. 184-187.
Francesca J. Cuthbert, Mei-Yao Louis
Increase in Breeding Population of Tnndra Peregrine Falcons in the Central Canadian Arctic. 188-190.
Christopher C. Shank, Robert G. Bromley, Kim G. Poole
Male-Male Nesting Behavior in Hooded Warblers. 190-193.
Daniel K. Niven
Olive-Sided Flycatchers in Southeastern Brazil. 193-194.
Edwin O. Willis, David W. Snow, Douglas F. Stotz, T. A. Parker Iii
Nectar Feeding by European Starlings. 194.
Christopher J. Feare

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