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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 104, Number 2 (1992)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 376-386.

Major Papers

Geographic Variation and Species Limits in Middle American Woodnymphs (Thalurania). 205-219.
Patricia Escalante-Pliego, A. Townsend Peterson
The Birds of Long Island, Bahamas. 220-243.
Donald W. Buden
Subspecific Status of Least Tern Populations in Texas: North American Implications. 244-262.
Bruce C. Thompson, Maureen E. Schmidt, Stuart W. Calhoun, Donald C. Morizot, R. Douglas Slack
Winter Home Range and Habitat Characteristics of White-Tailed Ptarmigan in Colorado. 263-272.
Kenneth M. Giesen, Clait E. Braun
Greater Prairie-Chicken Attendance at Leks and Stability of Leks in Colorado. 273-284.
Michael A. Schroeder, Clait E. Braun
Reproduction of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker in Central Florida. 285-294.
Roy S. Delotelle, Robert J. Epting
The Influence of Habitat Variables on Marsh Bird Communities of the Connecticut River Estuary. 295-311.
Robert J. Craig, Kathleen G. Beal
Autumn Owl Migration at Cape May Point, New Jersey. 312-320.
Katharine Duffy, Paul Kerlinger

Short Communications

Food Habits of Mexican Spotted Owls in Arizona. 321-326.
Joseph L. Ganey
Nestling Growth Rates of Short-Cared Owls. 326-333.
Denver W. Holt, Scott M. Melvin, Brian Steele
Frequency and Timing of Copulations in the Prairie Falcon. 333-338.
Anthonie M. A. Holthuijzen
Pairbond Persistence and Divorce in Black-Capped Chickadees. 338-342.
Susan M. Smith
The Effectiveness of Helmeted Guineafowl in the Control of the Deer Tick, the Vector of Lyme Disease. 342-345.
David Cameron Duffy, Randall Downer, Christie Brinkley
Song Repertoires of the White-Browed Blackbird. 345-352.
Pablo Luis Tubaro
Social Organization in Snow Geese: Family Size and Individual Behavior. 352-356.
Sylvie Cloutier, Jean Bedard
Drinking, Vigilance, and Group Size in White-Tipped Doves and Common Ground-Doves in Costa Rica. 357-359.
Joanna Burger
Observations at a Paradise Tanager Nest. 360-362.
Teresa M. Wood, Frank Gallo, Paul K. Donahue
Observations of the Breeding Biology of the Elfin Woods Warbler. 362-365.
Bryan Arroyo-Vazquez
Vulnerability and Mortality of Young Australian Magpies on Roads. 365-367.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld
Great Shrike-Tyrant Predation on a Green-Backed Firecrown. 368-369.
Carlos Martinez Del Rio
Observations of an Adult Hummingbird Provisioning an Incubating Adult. 369-370.
Kyle E. Harms, Jorge A. Ahumada
A Case of Aggregated Nest Placement and Probable Polygyny in the Swainson's Warbler. 370-373.
Gary R. Graves
Buff-Throated Saltator Eats Army Ants. 373-374.
Douglas F. Stotz
Second Record of the Flammulated Owl in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 375.
Armando Jesus Contreras-Balderas

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