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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 104, Number 1 (1992)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 194-202.

Major Papers

Foraging Ecology of Seven Species of Neotropical Ibises (Threskiornithidae) During the Dry Season in the Llanos of Venezuela. 1-21.
Peter C. Frederick, Keith L. Bildstein
Nesting Success in Florida Sandhill Cranes. 22-31.
Nancy C. Dwyer, George W. Tanner
The Endemic Land Birds of Henderson Island, Southeastern Polynesia: Notes on Natural History and Conservation. 32-43.
Gary R. Graves
Island Extinctions: the Case of the Endangered Nightingale Reed-Warbler. 44-54.
James D. Reichel, Gary J. Wiles, Phil O. Glass
Cypseloides Storeri, a New Species of Swift From Mexico. 55-64.
Adolfo G. Navarro S., A. Townsend Peterson, B. Patricia Escalante P., Hesiquio Benitez D.
Breeding Behavior of the Green-Rumped Parrotlet. 65-84.
James R. Waltman, Steven R. Beissinger
Density-Independent Factors Affecting the Avian Diversity of the Tallgrass Prairie Community. 85-94.
John L. Zimmerman
Nesting Ecology of the Loggerhead Shrike in Southwestern Oklahoma. 95-104.
Jack D. Tyler
Communal Roosting of Common Ravens in Southwestern Idaho. 105-121.
Kathleen A. Engel, Leonard S. Young, Karen Steenhof, Jerry A. Roppe, Michael N. Kochert
Breeding Distribution of the Black Turnstone. 122-135.
Colleen M. Handel, Robert E. Gill Jr.

Short Communications

Characteristics of Foraging Perches Used by Breediug Bald Eagles in Montana. 136-142.
Elaine L. Caton, B. Riley Mcclelland, David A. Patterson, Richard E. Yates
Habitat Use by Foraging Cattle Egrets in the Mexicali Valley, Baja California. 142-148.
Miguel A. Mora
Seasonal Dynamics of Bird Populations in Small New England Wetlands. 148-155.
Robert J. Craig, John S. Barclay
Habitat and Reproductive Success of Piping Plovers Nesting on Great Lakes Islands. 155-161.
Abby N. Powell, Francesca J. Cuthbert
Avian Predation and Parasitism on Artificial Nests and Eggs in Two Fragmented Landscapes. 162-168.
Richard H. Yahner, Colleen A. Delong
Notes on the Breeding and Reproductive Biology of the Helmeted Manakin. 168-173.
Miguel A. Marini
Rediscovery of the Bolivian Recurvebill with Notes on Other Little-Known Species of the Bolivian Andes. 173-178.
T. A. Parker, Iii, John M. Bates, Guy Cox
A Hybrid Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher X Western Kingbird Specimen From Southwestern Oklahoma. 178-181.
Jack D. Tyler, Kenneth C. Parkes
Natal Dispersal and Inbreeding in the Cooper's Hawk. 182-184.
Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielfeldt
Adult Common Loon Feeding Behavior Is Related to Food Fed to Chicks. 184-185.
Robert Alvo, Michael Berrill
Movement of a Nestling Between American Crow Nests. 185-187.
Joseph M. Schaefer, James J. Dinsmore
Snowfall Causes Lek Movement in the Sharp-Tailed Grouse. 188-189.
Leonard J. S. Tsuji
Colonial Nesting of the Orange Oriole. 189-190.
Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb, Barbara M. De Montes
First Observations of Chick Carrying Behavior by the Buff-Crested Bustard. 190-192.
Celia K. Falzone
Long-Eared Owl Ingests Nestlings' Feces. 192-193.
Robert K. Murphy

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