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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 103, Number 4 (1991)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Proceedings of the Seventy-Second Annual Meeting. 727-743.
John L. Zimmerman
Index to Volume 103, 1991. 744-768.
Kathleen G. Beal

Major Papers

Notes on the Behavior and Ecology of the Red-Cotingas (Cotingidae: Phoenicircus). 539-551.
Pepper W. Trail, Paul Donahue
Repeatability of Clutch Size in House Wrens. 552-558.
E. Dale Kennedy, Douglas W. White
Sibling Species of Greenlets (Vireonidae) in Southern Brazil. 559-567.
Edwin O. Willis
Comparison of Nesting Habitat of Coexisting Sharp-Shinned and Cooper's Hawks in Missouri. 568-577.
Ernie P. Wiggers, Kevin J. Kritz
Time Budgets and the Adaptiveness of Polyandry in Northern Jacanas. 578-597.
Burr J. Betts, Donald A. Jenni
Time-Activity Budget of Wilson's and Semipalmated Plovers in a Tropical Environment. 598-620.
Alain Morrier, Raymond Mcneil
Migration and Mass Change of White-Rumped Sandpipers in North and South America. 621-636.
B. A. Harrington, F. J. Leeuwenberg, S. Lara Resende, R. Mcneil, B. T. Thomas, J. S. Grear, E. F. Martinez
Seasonality, Habitat Use, and Flock Sizes of Shorebirds at the Bahia De Asuncion, Paraguay. 637-649.
Floyd E. Hayes, Jennifer A. Fox
Specimens and Probable Breeding Activity of the Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel on Hawaii. 650-655.
Winston E. Banko, Paul C. Banko, Reginald E. David

Short Communications

Copulatory and Other Pre-Incubation Behaviors of Cooper's Hawks. 656-660.
Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielefeldt, John Cary
The Voice and First Nesting Records of the Zigzag Heron in Ecuador. 661-664.
Peter English, Cynthia Bodenhorst
Enhanced Fledging Success by Colonially Nesting Ospreys in Nova Scotia Coastal Habitat. 664-668.
Stephen P. Flemming, Robert P. Bancroft, Norman R. Seymour
The Avifauna of the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico: Additional Data and Observations. 668-675.
Luis Santella, Andres M. Sada
Effects of Leafing and Position on Nest Predation in a Mediterranean Fragmented Forest. 676-682.
T. Santos, J. L. Telleria
Pairbond Formation in the Razorbill. 682-685.
Richard H. Wagner
Discovery of the Masked Saltator in Colombia, with Notes on Its Ecology and Behavior. 685-690.
Luis Miguel Renjifo
Fruit Harvesting by American Robins: Influence of Fruit Size. 690-692.
Douglas W. White, Edmund W. Stiles
Conspecific Aggression in a Wood Stork Colony in Georgia. 693-697.
A. Lawrence Bryan Jr., Malcolm C. Coulter
Foraging Behavior of a Guild of Neotropical Vultures. 698-702.
William C. Lemon
Ovarian Follicles Do Not Reveal Laying Histories of Post-Incubation Wood Ducks. 703-705.
Brad Semel, Paul Sherman
A Note on the Vocalizations of the Chinese Nuthatch. 706-710.
Erik Matthysen, Sandra L. L. Gaunt, D. Archibald Mccallum
Bird/Ant/Acacia Symbioses in a Mature Neotropical Forest. 711-712.
James D. Gilardi, Kirsten Von Kugelgen
Vocal Responsiveness to Chilling in Embryonic and Neonatal American Coots. 712-717.
Shawn C. Bugden, Roger M. Evans
Successful Exchange of Prairie-Chicken Eggs Between Nests in Two Remnant Populations. 717-720.
Ronald L. Westemeier, Scott A. Simpson, David A. Cooper
Occurrence of the Andean Condor in the Perija Mountains of Venezuela. 720-722.
Rosanna Calchi, Angel L. Viloria
Distribution and Population Status of Harlequin Ducks in Idaho. 723-725.
E. Frances Cassirer, Craig R. Groves, Richard L. Wallen
House Sparrows Open an Automatic Door. 725-726.
Randall Breitwisch, Margaret Breitwisch

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