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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 103, Number 3 (1991)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ornithological Literature. 522-538.

Major Papers

Robert M. Mengel (1921-1990): the Blending of Science and Art. 339-356.
Robert Mccracken Peck
Distribution and Breeding Biology of the Red-Fronted Macaw. 357-365.
Dirk V. Lanning
Distribution and Nest Sites of the Monk Parakeet in Bolivia. 366-372.
Dirk V. Lanning
Temporal Patterns of Singing Activity at Leks of the White-Bellied Emerald. 373-386.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Vanessa L. Fitz, Jennifer E. Bamesberger
Roosting and Diurnal Movements of Radio-Tagged American Crows. 387-400.
Philip C. Stouffer, Donald F. Caccamise
Population Dynamics of Blue Jays at a Bird Feeder. 401-414.
Margaret B. Hickey, Margaret Clark Brittingham
Effects of Predator Presence on the Nesting Distribution of White-Crowned Pigeons in Florida Bay. 415-425.
Allan M. Strong, Richard J. Sawicki, G. Thomas Bancroft
The Body Ruffling Display of the Black-Capped Chickadee. 426-434.
Victoria D. Piaskowski, Charles M. Weise, Millicent Sigler Ficken
Ptilochronology: Induced Feather Growth in Northern Cardinals Varies with Age, Sex, Ambient Temperature, and Day Length. 435-445.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.,, Thomas A. Waite, Arthur J. Wiseman
Forest Habitat Loss, Fragmentation, and Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Populations. 446-457.
Richard N. Conner, D. Craig Rudolph
Cavity Tree Selection by Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in Relation to Tree Age. 458-467.
D. Craig Rudolph, Richard N. Conner
The Relationship Between Breeding Bird Density and Vegetation Volume. 468-479.
G. Scott Mills, John B. Dunning, Jr.,, John M. Bates

Short Communications

Observations of Within-Colony Breeding Synchrony in Jackass Penguins. 480-485.
Philip J. Seddon, Yolanda Van Heezik, John Cooper
Characteristics of Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron Nests in Lowland Hardwood Forests of Missouri. 486-491.
Murray L. Laubhan, Frederic A. Reid
Migration of Sharp-Shinned Hawks in the Dry Tortugas, Florida. 491-493.
Brad A. Andres
Bird Species on St. Andrew and Old Providence Islands, West Caribbean. 493-497.
Alan Tye, Hilary Tye
Body Measurements of Boreal Owls in Idaho and a Discriminant Model to Determine Sex of Live Specimens. 497-500.
Gregory D. Hayward, Patricia H. Hayward
Effects of Red-Crested Pochard Nest Parasitism on Mallards. 501-503.
Juan A. Amat
Brown-Headed Cowbirds Parasitize Loggerhead Shrikes: First Records for Family Laniidae. 504-506.
David W. De Geus, Louis B. Best
Nests and Eggs of Some Costa Rican Birds. 506-509.
Manuel Marin A., N. John Schmitt
A Case of Polygyny in the Wood Thrush. 509-510.
R. Kent Johnson, Roland R. Roth, Sara E. Kleiner, Charles R. Bartlett
Double-Toothed Kites Following Tamarins. 510-512.
Silvia G. Egler
Unprecedented Stopover Site Fidelity in a Tennessee Warbler. 512-514.
Kevin Winker, Dwain W. Warner, A.R. Weisbrod
The Response of Adult Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers to a Fallen Nestling. 514-515.
Richard R. Schaefer, D. Craig Rudolph, Richard N. Conner
Learned Song Variations in British Storm-Petrels?. 515-517.
P. J. B. Slater
Tristram's Grackles Groom Nubian Ibex. 518-520.
Reuven Yosef, Dalit Yosef
Two New Host Species for the Parasitic Blow Fly Protocalliphora Braueri. 520-521.
Frank P. Howe

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