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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 103, Number 2 (1991)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 311-338.

Major Papers

Population Trends of Some Northeastern North American Landbirds: a Half-Century of Data. 165-182.
Norman P. Hill, John M. Hagan, Iii
Diurnal Activity Budget of Female Ruddy Ducks Breeding in Manitoba. 183-189.
Michael W. Tome
Polyterritorial Polygyny in the American Redstart. 190-203.
Robert Charles Secunda, Thomas W. Sherry
Neotropical Migrant Birds and Edge Effects at a Forest-Stream Ecotone. 204-217.
J. Edward Gates, Neil R. Giffen
Approaches to the Conservation of Coastal Wetlands in the Western Hemisphere. 218-254.
Keith L. Bildstein, G. Thomas Bancroft, Patrick J. Dugan, David H. Gordon, R. Michael Erwin, Erica Nol, Laura X. Payne, Stanley E. Senner

Short Communications

Geographic Variation Among Sage Grouse in Colorado. 255-261.
Jerry W. Hupp, Clait E. Braun
Resting Metabolic Rate of Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, and Barred Owls with a Tracking Transmitter or an Equivalent Load. 261-265.
James A. Gessaman, Mark R. Fuller, Peter J. Pekins, Gary E. Duke
Sexual Dimorphism and Assortative Mating in Black Terns. 266-271.
Mark A. Stern, Robert L. Jarvis
Diurnal Activity Patterns and Foraging Success of Yellow-Crowned Night-Herons in Seasonally Flooded Wetlands. 272-277.
Murray K. Laubhan, W. Dean Rundle, Beth I. Swartz, Frederic A. Reid
Mate Switching and Mate Choice in Female Northern Mockingbirds: Facultative Monogamy. 277-281.
Cheryl A. Logan
Flock Structure of Wintering Birds in an Irrigated Mixed-Oak Forest. 282-285.
Brian F. Rollfinke, Richard H. Yahner
Summer Diets of Some Introduced Hawaiian Finches. 286-292.
Michael P. Moulton, David K. Ferris
Intruders on Yellow-Eyed Junco Territories. 292-295.
Joanna Leary, Kimberly A. Sullivan
Variable First Prebasic Primary Molt in Rio Grande and Merriam's Wild Turkeys. 295-300.
Joel A. Schmutz, Richard W. Hoffman
Natal Pterylosis of Phoebes. 300-303.
Charles T. Collins, Kathleen Keane
An Incidence of Second Brood Production by an Eastern Wild Turkey. 303-305.
D. Clay Sisson, Dan W. Speake, J. Larry Landers
First Nesting Record for the Piping Plover in Oklahoma. 305-308.
Roger L. Boyd
Dirt-Storing Behavior by White-Breasted Nuthatches. 308-309.
Bill E. Duyck, Douglas B. Mcnair, Charles P. Nicholson
Unusual Behavior in a Solitary Vireo. 309-310.
Michael R. Kunzmann, R. Roy Johnson

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