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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 103, Number 1 (1991)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 150-161.
Short Reviews. 162-163.

Major Papers

Morphometric Analyses of Introduced and Ancestral Populations of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow. 1-12.
Vincent L. St. Louis, Jon C. Barlow
European Starling Fidelity to Diurnal Activity Centers: Role of Foraging Substrate Quality. 13-24.
Donald F. Caccamise
House Wrens Adjust Laying Dates and Clutch Size in Relation to Annual Flooding. 25-43.
Deborah M. Finch
Routes and Timing of Migration of Falcons Banded in Canada. 44-58.
Josef K. Schmutz, Richard W. Fyfe, Ursula Banasch, Harry Armbruster
Sociality and Ontogeny of Coloration in the Blue-And-Black Jays. 59-67.
A. Townsend Peterson
Characterization of Grit Use by Cornfield Birds. 68-82.
Louis B. Best, James P. Gionfriddo
Variations in Diets of Nesting Common Ravens. 83-92.
Richard B. Stiehl, Steven N. Trautwein

Short Communications

Song Types of Black-Throated Green Warblers on Migration. 93-96.
Douglass H. Morse
Avoidance of Song Matching in the Wood Thrush: a Field Experiment. 96-101.
Carl L. Whitney
Diurnal Resting Metabolic Rates of Accipiters. 101-105.
Patricia L. Kennedy, James A. Gessaman
Feeding Ecology of Chesapeake Bay Ospreys and Growth and Behavior of their Young. 105-111.
Peter K. Mclean, Mitchell A. Byrd
Intraspecific Piracy in Ospreys. 111-112.
L. Scott Forbes
Depredation of Artificial Avian Nests in Irrigated Forests. 113-117.
Richard H. Yahner, Thomas E. Morrell
Nest-Site Fidelity in Red-Headed and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers. 118-122.
Danny J. Ingold
Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers Feeding at Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Resin Wells. 122-123.
D. Craig Rudolph, Richard N. Conner, Richard R. Schaefer
Classical Polyandry in the West Indian Woodpecker on Abaco, Bahamas. 124-125.
Lori A. Willimont, Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. S. Jackson
Nest-Site Selection by the Herald Petrel and White-Tailed Tropicbird on Ronnd Island, Indian Ocean. 126-130.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld
Tristan Thrushes Kill Adult White-Bellied Storm-Petrels. 130-132.
Peter G. Ryan, Coleen L. Moloney
Behavioral Ecology of Red-Backed Hawks in Central Chile. 132-137.
Jaime E. Jimenez, Fabian M. Jaksic
Poult Adoption in Merriam's Wild Turkeys. 137-138.
Todd R. Mills, Mark A. Rumble
Diurnal Foraging by Spotted Owls. 138-140.
Stephen A. Laymon
Winter Recoveries and Territorial Affinity of Common Loons Banded in Wisconsin. 141-142.
Jerold L. Belant, Raymond K. Anderson, J. Marshall Wilson
Nesting of the Common Diuca Finch in the Central Chilean Scrub. 143-146.
Ivan Lazo, Juan J. Anabalon
The Proximate Costs and Benefits of Polygyny to Male Northern Shrikes. 146-149.
Reuven Yosef, William A. Mitchell, Berry Pinshow

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