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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 102, Number 4 (1990)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Ornithological Literature. 731-742.
Proceedings of the Seventy-First Annual Meeting. 743-755.
John L. Zimmerman
Index to Volume 102, 1990. 756-778.
Kathleen G. Beal

Major Papers

Clytoctantes Atrogularis, a New Species of Antbird From Western Brazil. 571-580.
Scott M. Lanyon, Douglas F. Stotz, David E. Willard
Habitat Associations of Piping Plovers Wintering in the United States. 581-590.
Janice L. Nicholls, Guy A. Baldassarre
Nest Substrate Variation Between Native and Introduced Populations of Laysan Finches. 591-604.
Marie P. Morin, Sheila Conant
Breeding Behavior of American Kestrels Raising Manipulated Brood Sizes in Years of Varying Prey Abundance. 605-614.
Nicholas W. Gard, David M. Bird
Breeding Biology of American Crows. 615-622.
June A. Chamberlain-Auger, Peter J. Auger, Eric G. Strauss
Dominance Rank and Resource Access in Winter Flocks of Black-Capped Chickadees. 623-633.
Millicent Sigler Ficken, Charles M. Weise, James W. Popp
Influence of Forest Edge on Nest-Site Selection by Tree Swallows. 634-644.
Wallace B. Rendell, Raleigh J. Robertson
Diurnal Time-Activity Budgets of Wintering Canvasbacks in Louisiana. 645-654.
William L. Hohman, David P. Rave
Songs of the Fox Sparrow. Iii. Ordering of Song. 655-671.
Dennis J. Martin
Behavior, Body Condition, and Foods of Buffleheads and Lesser Scaups During Spring Migration Through the Klamath Basin, California. 672-683.
James H. Gammonley, Mickey E. Heitmeyer
Terminal Egg Neglect in the American White Pelican. 684-692.
Roger M. Evans

Short Communications

Nesting of Golden Eagles in the Central and Southern Appalachians. 693-698.
David S. Lee, Walter R. Spofford
Notes on Gray Jay Demographics in Colorado. 698-702.
James C. Ha, Philip N. Lehner
Nest-Site Selection by Boat-Tailed Grackles. 702-706.
Martha L. Dunham
Turkey Vulture Food Habits in Southern Ontario. 706-710.
Kent A. Prior
Marking Passerine Tail Feathers with Colored Tape. 710-714.
Louis B. Best
Within-Forest Preferences of Wood Thrushes Wintering in the Rainforest of Southern Veracruz. 715-720.
Kevin Winker, John H. Rappole, Mario A. Ramos
Boat Census of Bald Eagles During the Breeding Season. 720-726.
Jon M. Gerrard, Gary R. Bortolotti, Elston H. Dzus, P. Naomi Gerrard, Douglas W. A. Whitfield
Male Eastern Bluebird Rears Four Broods During One Nesting Season. 726-728.
James W. Tucker, Jr.,
A Group of Young Peregrine Falcons Prey on Migrating Bats. 728-730.
Victoria J. Byer

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