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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 102, Number 3 (1990)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Ornithological Literature. 562-570.

Major Papers

A New Species of Stachyris Babbler (Aves: Timaliidae) From the Island of Panay, Philippines. 367-379.
Pedro C. Gonzales, Robert S. Kennedy
Seasonal Distribution of the Azure Gallinule (Porphyrula Flavirostris), with Comments on Vagrancy in Rails and Gallinules. 380-399.
J. V. Remsen, Jr., T. A. Parker, Iii
Winter Distribution of Piping Plovers Along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States. 400-412.
Janice L. Nicholls, Guy A. Baldassarre
Nest-Site Selection by Emperor Geese and Cackling Canada Geese. 413-426.
Margaret R. Petersen
Avian Community Responses to Hydrilla Invasion. 427-440.
Daniel Esler
Dynamics of a Loggerhead Shrike Population in Minnesota. 441-450.
Bonnie L. Brooks, Stanley A. Temple
The Birds of Rum Cay, Bahama Islands. 451-468.
Donald W. Buden
Effect of Long Days on Molt and Autumn Migratory State of Site-Faithful Dark-Eyed Juncos Held at their Winter Sites. 469-479.
Val Nolan Jr., Ellen D. Ketterson
Nest-Site Characteristics Affecting Success and Reuse of Red-Shouldered Hawk Nests. 480-486.
W. D. Duak, B. Tannenbaum, M. A. Parker
Stopover on a Gulf Coast Barrier Island by Spring Trans-Gulf Migrants. 487-500.
Frank R. Moore, Paul Kerlinger, Ted R. Simons
Breeding Ecology of Seaside Sparrows in a Massachusetts Salt Marsh. 501-513.
Robert M. Marshall, Steven E. Reinert

Short Communications

Genetic Variation in the Common Yellowthroat and Some Allies. 514-520.
Robert M. Zink, John T. Klicka
Growth of Monk Parakeets. 520-525.
Joaquin L. Navarro, Enrique H. Bucher
Monitoring Galapagos Penguins and Flightless Cormorants in the Galapagos Islands. 525-532.
Daniel K. Rosenberg, Carlos A. Valle, Malcolm C. Coulter, Sylvia A. Harcourt
Female-Female Aggression in White-Tailed Ptarmigan and Willow Ptarmigan During the Pre-Incubation Period. 532-536.
Kathy Martin, Susan J. Hannon, Shannon Lord
Comparison of Activities Within Families and Pairs of Wintering Canada Geese. 536-542.
Jane Austin
Foot-Quivering As a Foraging Maneuver Among Migrating Catharus Thrushes. 542-545.
Wand Yong, Frank R. Moore
A Nonparametric Aid in Identifying Sex of Cryptically Dimorphic Birds. 545-550.
Barney A. Schlinger, Gregory H. Adler
Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism on Golden-Winged and Blue-Winged Warblers. 550-552.
Dan R. Coker, John L. Confer
A Review of Bird Deaths on Barbed-Wire Fences. 553-558.
George T. Allen, Pedro Ramirez
Deception in Canada Geese. 558-559.
Philip C. Whitford
A Harpy Eagle Successfully Captures an Adult Male Red Howler Monkey. 560-561.
Carlos A. Peres
Shiny Cowbird Collected in South Carolina: First North American Specimen. 561.
William H. Hutcheson, William Post

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