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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 102, Number 2 (1990)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Ornithological Literature. 354-365.

Major Papers

Geographic Differentiation and Distribution of the Peruvian Screech-Owl. 199-212.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert E. Jones
Variation in Size and Shape in Pigeons, Columba Livia. 213-225.
Richard F. Johnston
Plumage and Behavioral Development of Nestling White Ibises. 226-238.
Toni L. De Santo, Susan G. Mcdowell, Keith L. Bildstein
Recent Population Trends of the Eastern Bluebird. 239-252.
John R. Sauer, Sam Droege
Winter Habitat of Common Loons on the Continental Shelf of the Southeastern United States. 253-263.
J. Christopher Haney
Effects of Forest Irrigation on Long-Term Trends in Breeding-Bird Communities. 264-278.
Brian F. Rollfinke, Richard H. Yahner, James S. Wakeley
Intraspecific Brood Parasitism in the European Starling. 279-291.
Linda Romagnano, Ann S. Hoffenberg, Harry W. Power
Differences in Taste Preference Between Red-Winged Blackbirds and European Starlings. 292-299.
James E. Espaillat, J. Russell Mason
Choices of Feeding Habitat by Relict Montezuma Quail in Central Texas. 300-308.
Randy P. Albers, Frederick R. Gehlbach

Short Communications

Introduced and Invading Birds in Belem, Brazil. 309-313.
Jose Maria, Cardoso Da Silva, David C. Oren
Double-Brooding by Florida Burrowing Owls. 313-317.
Brian A. Millsap, Cindy Bear
Was the Socorro Mockingbird (Mimodes Graysoni) a Predator on Small Birds?. 317-320.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Winter Diets of Vultures in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 320-325.
Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, William L. Thompson
Singing Behavior of American Robins in Linear and Non-Linear Habitats. 325-328.
Russell C. Titus, Carola A. Haas
Early Experience and Vegetation Preferences in Common Tern Chicks. 328-333.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld
Brood Adoption and Apparent Infanticide in a North-Temperate House Wren Population. 333-336.
L. Henry Kermott, L. Scott Johnson, Helen Brinton
Determinacy of Clutch Size in Horned and Pied-Billed Grebes. 336-338.
Todd W. Arnold
Wax-Eating by African Common Bulbuls. 339-341.
Jennifer F. M. Horne, Lester L. Short
The Effect of Observer Variability on the Macarthur Foliage Density Estimate. 341-344.
Richard N. Conner
Diet of Gurney's Buzzard in the Puna of Northernmost Chile. 344-346.
Jaime E. Jimenez, Fabian M. Jaksic
Nest, Eggs, and Young of the Green-And-Gold Tanager, with Notes on Timing of Breeding. 346-348.
Peter P. Marra
The Risks of Avian Mobbing and Distraction Behavior: an Anecdotal Review. 349-352.
Tex A. Sordahl
Frequency of Northern Bobwhite X Scaled Quail Hybridization. 352-353.
Tom E. Shupe

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