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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 102, Number 1 (1990)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 183-198.

Major Papers

Range and Habitat of the Colima Warbler. 1-13.
Dirk V. Lanning, Joe T. Marshall, James T. Shiflett
Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers Vs Rat Snakes: the Effectiveness of the Resin Barrier. 14-22.
D. Craig Rudolph, Howard Kyle, Richard N. Conner
Competition for Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Roost and Nest Cavities: Effects of Resin Age and Entrance Diameter. 23-36.
D. Craig Rudolph, Richard N. Connor, Janet Turner
Reproductive Success and Nesting Habitat of Loggerhead Shrikes in North-Central South Carolina. 37-48.
Dale E. Gawlik, Keith L. Bildstein
Anti-Predatory Behavior of Lapwings: Field Evidence of Discriminative Abilities. 49-70.
Jeffrey R. Walters
Ontogeny of Thermoregulation in Red-Tailed Hawks and Swainson's Hawks. 71-83.
John S. Kirkley, James A. Gessaman
Freshwater Wetlands, Rainfall, and the Breeding Ecology of White Ibises in Coastal South Carolina. 84-98.
Keith L. Bildstein, William Post, James Johnston, Peter Frederick
Temporal Variation in Microhabitat Relationships Among Grebes and Coots. 99-108.
Gregory G. Barnes, Thomas D. Nudds
Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of the Poo-Uli (Melamprosops Phaeosoma). 109-122.
Stephen Mountainspring, Tonnie L. C. Casey, Cameron B. Kepler, J. Michael Scott

Short Communications

Display Repertoire and Social Organization of the White-Fronted and White-Throated Manakins. 123-130.
Marc Thery
Lead Concentrations in Golden and Bald Eagles. 130-133.
Tim H. Craig, John W. Connelly, Erica H. Craig, Thomas L. Parker
Body Temperatures of Migrant Accipiter Hawks Just After Flight. 133-137.
James A. Gessaman, Stephen W. Hoffman
Habitats Used by Common Ground-Doves in Southern Alabama. 137-139.
Malcolm T. Jones, Ralph E. Mirarchi
The Seabirds of Las Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico. 140-146.
Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb
Nearctic Passerine Fall Migration in Central Belize. 146-150.
Edward D. Mills, David T. Rogers, Jr.
The Location of the Mexican Locality, Valle Real. 150-154.
Laurence C. Binford
Why Female Red-Winged Blackbirds Call at the Nest. 154-160.
Maureen P. Small, P. Dee Boersma
Sarcosporidiosis Observed More Frequently in Hybrids of Mallards and American Black Ducks. 160-162.
J. Russell Mason, Larry Clark
Avian Removal of Fruits From a Pokeweed in Northwestern Arkansas. 163-166.
Kimberly G. Smith, Cecilia M. Riley
Anting Behavior by Common Grackles and European Starlings. 167-169.
Charles C. Clark, Linda Clark, Larry Clark
Nest Predation of Plumbeous Ibis by Capuchin Monkeys and Greater Black Hawk. 169-170.
Fabio Olmos
Predatory Behavior of Captive Greater Roadrunners Feeding on Horned Lizards. 171-174.
Wade C. Sherbrooke
Aggressive Interactions in Wintering House Finches and Purple Finches. 174-178.
Douglas H. Shedd
Nest-Site Selection of the Common Wheatear in High Mountain Areas of Southeastern Spain. 178-180.
Regino Zamaro
Gull-Billed Tern Predation on a Least Tern Chick. 180-181.
Robin J. Densmore
A New Record of the Buff-Breasted Flycatcher From Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 181.
Armando Jesus Contreras-Balderas, Jose Ignacio Gonzalez-Rojas
Brewer's Blackbird Parasitizes Tree Swallow. 182.
David A. Wiggins

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