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The Auk, Volume 24, Number 3 (1907)

3 (July)


The Birds of Custer and Dawson Counties, Montana. 241-270.
E. S. Cameron.
The Crossbills of Northeastern Wyoming. 271-278.
Rev. P. B. Peabody.
Characteristic Kamchatkan Birds. 278-280.
Austin H. Clark.
Winter Bird Notes From Extreme Southern Illinois. 281-286.
John F. Ferry.
On a Collection of Birds From Western Costa Rica. 287-312.
Outram Bangs.
Another Hybrid Hummingbird -- Selasphorus Rufus + Atthis Calliope -- From California. 312-313.
John E. Thayer, Outram Bangs.
List of the Birds of Louisiana. 314-321.
Geo. E. Beyer, Andrew Allison, Henry H. Kopman.
Autumn Warbler Migration. 322-331.
J. Claire Wood.
A New Agelaius From Canada. 332-336.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Notes and News. 365-368.

General Notes

The Kittiwake (Rissa Tridactyla) on the Coast of Maine in Summer. 337.
Arthur H. Norton.
The Brown Pelican in Indiana. 337.
W. S. Blatchley.
The Whistling Swan in Northeastern Illinois. 337-338.
Frank S. Daggett.
The Glossy Ibis in Central New York. 338.
Louis Agassiz Fuertes.
Another Specimen of Cory's Bittern. 338.
Alexander G. Ruthven.
The Little Blue Heron in Philadelphia County, Pa., in Spring. 338-339.
Richard F. Miller.
A Woodcock Nesting in St. Louis, Missouri. 339.
Roger N. Baldwin.
The Stilt Sandpiper in Massachusetts. 339.
Chauncey C. Nash.
The White-Rumped Sandpiper in Michigan. 339-340.
J. Claire Wood.
Probable Breeding of the Wandering Tatler in the Interior of Alaska. 340.
Wilfred H. Osgood.
A Correction: Concerning the Occurrence of Numenius Borealis on Long Island. 341.
William C. Braislin.
The English Sparrow in Texas. 341.
Thos. H. Montgomery, Jr.
Lincoln's Sparrow (Melospiza Lincolni) at Portland, Maine. 341-342.
Arthur H. Norton.
The Prothonotary Warbler in Colorado. 342.
A. H. Felger.
Helminthophila Lawrencei' Near the District of Columbia. 342-343.
Wilfrid H. Osgood.
Capture of Lawrence's Warbler on Staten Island, N. Y.. 343.
James Chapin.
The Breeding of Brewster's Warbler Near Boston. 343-344.
Helen Granger.
Ten Birds New to the Avifauna of Kansas. 344.
J. H. Snow.
A Kentucky Warbler Near Boston, Massachusetts. 344-346.
Horace W. Wright.
Many Eyes Are Better Than One Pair. 346-348.
Wells W. Cooke.
Some Interesting Records From Southern Missouri. 348-349.
E. Seymour Woodruff.
Audubon's Ornithological Biography. 349.
Nath. E. Janney.

Recent Literature

Salvin and Godman's 'Biologia Centrali-Americana.--Aves.'. 350-352.
J. A. Allen.
Proceedings of the Fourth International Ornithological Congress. 352-354.
J. A. Allen.
Newton's 'Ootheca Wolleyana.'. 354-355.
J. A. Allen.
Mershon's 'The Passenger Pigeon.'. 355-357.
J. A. Allen.
Fleming on the Disappearance of the Passenger Pigeon. 357.
J. A. Allen.
Report on the Immigration of Birds in England and Wales in the Spring of 1906. 357-358.
J. A. Allen.
Forbes's 'An Ornithological Cross-Section of Illinois in Autumn.'. 358-359.
J. A. Allen.
Bangs on the Wood Rails. 359.
J. A. Allen.
Berlepsch on New Neotropical Birds. 359.
J. A. Allen.
Berlepsch on the Tyrannid[Ae]. 360.
J. A. Allen.
Berlepsch on the Genus El[Ae]Nia. 360-361.
J. A. Allen.
Berlepsch and Stolzmann on Birds From Peru. 361.
J. A. Allen.
Jourdain's 'The Eggs of European Birds.'. 361-362.
J. A. Allen.
Hartert's 'Die V. 362.
J. A. Allen.
Beebe on the 'Owls of the Nearctic Region.'. 362-363.
J. A. Allen.
Woodruff's 'The Birds of the Chicago Area.'. 363.
J. A. Allen.
Fleming on Migrations of Br. 364.
J. A. Allen.
Lass's 'Bird Life of a City Garden.'. 364-365.
J. A. Allen.
Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Tubinares. 365.
J. A. Allen.
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