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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 101, Number 1 (1989)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Ornithological Literature. 144-157.
Information for Authors. 157-158.

Major Papers

Molting Sequence and Aging of Bald Eagles. 1-10.
Mark A. Mccollough
Crop Milk and Clutch Size in Mourning Doves. 11-25.
David E. Blockstein
Song Patterns of Warblers at Dawn and Dusk. 26-35.
Douglas H. Morse
The Singing Behavior of Golden-Winged Warblers. 36-50.
R. Tod Highsmith
Breeding Biology of Prothonotary Warblers in Riverine Habitat in Tennessee. 51-61.
Lisa J. Petit
Observations on the Breeding Biology of Passerines in a Seasonally Flooded Savanna in Venezuela. 62-76.
Alexander Cruz, Robert W. Andrews
Response of Passerines to Abrupt Forest-River and Forest-Powerline Edges in Maine. 77-83.
Mary F. Small, Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr.

Short Communications

Female-Female Aggression in Polygynously Nesting Yellow Warblers. 84-86.
Keith A. Hobson, Spencer G. Sealy
Wintering Population of Greater Sandhill Cranes in the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. 87-93.
Alan J. Bennett, Laurel A. Bennett
Nest Habitat and Nesting Success of Lesser Golden-Plovers. 93-96.
Ingvar Byrkjedal
Piracy by Ring-Billed Gulls on Dunlin. 96-97.
Nils Warnock
Food and Winter Territories of Northern Mockingbirds. 97-101.
Carl Safina, James M. Utter
The Correct Name for the Olivaceous Cormorant, Maiagne of Piso (1658). 101-106.
M. Ralph Browning
Pebbles in Nests of Double-Crested Cormorants. 107-108.
Keith A. Hobson
Cranial Pneumatization in the Phalacrocoracidae. 108-112.
Douglas Siegel-Causey
Historical Status of Harlequin Ducks Wintering in Eastern North America--A Reappraisal. 112-114.
R. Ian Goudie
Additional Records of Birds From Cat Island, Bahamas. 115-117.
William H. Howe, Daniel M. Taylor, David A. Jett
Notes on the Rail Rallus Longirostris Tenuirostris in the Highlands of Central Mexico. 117-120.
Sartor O. Williams Iii
Factors Affecting the Termination of Breeding in Nuttall's White-Crowned Sparrows. 120-124.
David F. Desante, Luis F. Baptista
Inbreeding in Ospreys. 124-126.
Sergej Postupalsky
Intraspecific Nest Parasitism by Sharp-Tailed Grouse. 126-127.
Michael W. Gratson
Willow Flycatcher Nestling Parasitized by Larval Fly, Protocalliphora Cuprina. 127.
Stephen P. Boland, Jeffrey A. Halstead, Bradley E. Valentine
Flexible Incubation System and Prolonged Incubation in New Zealand Snipe. 127-132.
Colin M. Miskelly
Food Sharing by Sibling Common Barn-Owls. 132-134.
Carl D. Marti
Notes on the Social Behavior and Mating System of the Casqued Oropendola. 134-137.
Jennifer Leak, Scott K. Robinson
Diet of the Surfbird in Southern Chile. 137-141.
Rene A. Navarro, Claudio R. Velasquez, Roberto P. Schlatter
Historical Breeding Records of the Common Merganser in Southeastern United States. 141-143.
Lloyd F. Kiff

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