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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 100, Number 2 (1988)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Pyrrhura Orcesi, a New Parakeet From Southwestern Ecuador, with Systematic Notes on the P. Melanura Complex. 173-182.
Robert S. Ridgely, Mark B. Robbins
Geographic Variation in Sex Ratios and Body Size in Wintering Flocks of Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus Sandwichensis). 183-203.
J. D. Rising
Activity Patterns and Home-Range Use of Nesting Long-Eared Owls. 204-213.
E. H. Craig, T. H. Craig, Leon R. Powers
Aspects of the Wintering Ecology of Piping Plovers in Coastal Alabama. 214-223.
Catherine M. Johnson, Guy A. Baldassarre
Foraging Ecology and Host Relationships of Giant Cowbirds in Southeastern Peru. 224-235.
Scott K. Robinson
Snag Preferences of Woodpeckers Foraging in a Northeastern Hardwood Forest. 236-246.
Stephen K. Swallow, Ronald A. Howard, Jr.,, R. J. Gutierrez
Aspects of the Breeding Biology and Productivity of Bachman's Sparrow in Central Arkansas. 247-255.
Thomas M. Haggerty
Changes in the Avifauna of the Great Smoky Mountains: 1947-1983. 256-271.
David S. Wilcove
Conservation of Riparian Ecosystems in the United States. 272-284.
Fritz L. Knopf, R. Roy Johnson, Terrell Rich, Fred B. Samson, Robert C. Szaro
Ornithological Literature. 329-343.

Short Communications

Evaluation of Vermivora X Oporornis Hybrid Wood-Warblers. 285-289.
Gary R. Graves
Techniques for Study of Avian Syringes. 289-293.
Peter F. Cannell
Avian Davian Behavior. 293-294.
Philip N. Lehner
Nest Lining with Sheep Wool: Potential Negative Effects on Cave Swallows. 294-296.
Robert F. Martin, Dean Hector
Interspecific Interactions of Spotted Sandpipers. 297-302.
Paul E. Pickett, Stephen J. Maxson, Lewis W. Oring
Adaptive Perch Selection As a Mechanism of Adoption by a Replacement Bald Eagle. 302-305.
Teryl G. Grubb, Larry A. Forbis, Marta Mcwhorter, David R. Sherman
Use of Red-Winged Blackbird Nest by a Prothonotary Warbler. 305-306.
Lisa J. Petit, Daniel R. Petit
Predation on Overwintering Wood Borers by Woodpeckers in Clear-Cut Forests. 306-309.
Daniel R. Petit, Thomas C. Grubb Jr., Kenneth E. Petit, Lisa J. Petit
Effect of Previous Occupancy on Recruitment to Territorial Sites of Male Blue Grouse. 310-312.
Richard A. Lewis
Phenetic Relationships Among the Warblers in the Dendroica Virens Complex and a Record of D. Virens From Sonora, Mexico. 312-316.
J. D. Rising
Nesting Success and Incubation Behavior of American Kestrels in Central Kentucky. 317-319.
Christopher Kellner, Gary Ritchison
Sexual Dimorphism in the Voice of the Greater Shearwater. 319-323.
M. De L. Brooke
House Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow Feed the Same Fledgling Brown-Headed Cowbird. 323-324.
David M. Scott
Black-Legged Kittiwakes Nest on Advancing Glacier. 324-325.
David B. Irons
Boat-Tailed Grackles Nest in Freshwater Habitat in Interior South Carolina. 325-326.
William Post
Ingestion of Lead Shot and Aluminum Bands by Bald Eagles During Winter in Nebraska. 326-327.
Gary R. Lingle, Gary L. Krapu
Fish Surface Activity and Pursuit-Plunging by Olivaceous Cormorants. 327-328.
Philip S. Humphrey, Pamela C. Rasmussen, Nancy Lopez

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