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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 99, Number 4 (1987)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Display Behavior, Foraging Ecology, and Systematics of the Golden-Winged Manakin (Masius Chrysopterus). 521-539.
Richard O. Prum, Ann E. Johnson
The Migration of Shorebirds in the Bay of Fundy. 540-570.
Peter W. Hicklin
Spring Shorebird Migration Through Central Venezuela. 571-578.
Betsy Trent Thomas
Centennial Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 9-12 June, 1988. 578.
The Birds of Cat Island, Bahamas. 579-600.
Donald W. Buden
North American Loon Fund Grants. 600.
The Effects of Distance and Isolation on Song-Type Sharing in the Carolina Wren. 601-610.
Eugene S. Morton
Territorial Responses to Song Playback in Allopatric and Sympatric Populations of Alder (Empidonax Alnorum) and Willow (E. Traillii) Flycatchers. 611-619.
David R. C. Prescott
Variation in the Bounce and Whinny Songs of the Eastern Screech-Owl. 620-627.
Paul M. Cavanagh, Gary Ritchison
Comparisons Between Morphometric and Genetic Differentiation Among Populations of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Passer Montanus). 628-641.
Vincent L. St. Louis, Jon C. Barlow
Value of Suburban Habitats to Desert Riparian Birds. 642-654.
Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Scott B. Terrill, Gary H. Rosenberg
Frequency and Timing of Second Broods in Wood Ducks. 655-662.
Robert A. Kennamer, Gary R. Hepp
Egg Mass, Position in the Laying Sequence, and Brood Size in Relation to Canada Goose Reproductive Success. 663-672.
Yves Leblanc
Nest-Site Selection by Mew Gulls (Larus Canus): a Comparison of Marsh and Dry-Land Colonies. 673-687.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld
Ornithological Literature. 725-747.
Proceedings of the Sixty-Eighth Annual Meeting. 748-758.
John L. Zimmerman
Index to Volume 99, 1987. 759-783.
Kathy G. Beal

Short Communications

Distribution of Microligea Palustris in Haiti. 688-690.
Mara A. Mcdonald
Expansion of the Zone of Hybridization of Northern Flickers in Alberta. 690-692.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray, Gloria C. Biermann
Breeding Biology and Nestling Development of Golden-Crowned Sparrows in Alaska. 693-696.
Paul Hendricks
Caching by Red-Breasted Nuthatches. 696-699.
Thomas C. Grubb Jr., Thomas A. Waite
Age-Class Differences in the Use of Food Sources by European Starlings. 699-704.
Alan D. Maccarone
Standard Rate of Metabolism in the Common Barn-Owl (Tyro Alba). 704-706.
Thomas C. Edwards Jr.,
Vocalizations of Female Red-Winged Blackbirds Inhibit Sexual Harassment. 706-707.
Sharon M. Birks, Les D. Beletsky
Relaying Interval After Nest Failure in Gray Catbirds and Northern Cardinals. 708-712.
David M. Scott, Robert E. Lemon, James A. Darley
Influence of Nest-Box Placement and Density on Abundance and Productivity of American Kestrels in Central Missouri. 712-717.
Brian R. Toland, William H. Elder
Close Inbreeding in the Merlin (Falco Columbarius). 718-719.
Paul C. James, Lynn W. Oliphant, Ian G. Warkentin
Rediscovery of the Rufous-Crested Coquette (Lophornis Delattrei Brachylopha) in Guerrero, Mexico. 719-721.
Juan Francisco Ornelas
Abnormally Colored Juvenile Black-Capped Chickadee Molts to Normal Basic Plumage. 721-722.
Dan A. Tallman
A Circular Ring-Angel Movement by Field-Feeding Waterfowl. 722-723.
Robert G. Clark, Hamilton Greenwood
Boat-Tailed Grackle Lays Eggs in Abandoned Nest Containing Eggs. 724.
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