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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 99, Number 1 (1987)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Tangara Phillipsi, a New Species of Tanager From the Cerros Del Sira, Eastern Peru. 1-6.
Gary R. Graves, John S. Weske
Effect of Changes in Regional Forest Abundance on the Decline and Recovery of a Forest Bird Community. 7-21.
Robert A. Askins, Margarett J. Philbrick
Forest Openings and the Distribution of Understory Birds in a Puerto Rican Rainforest. 22-37.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.,, Ariel Diaz, Iris Velaquez, Rafael Scharron
Aggressive Behavior of Wintering Diving Ducks (Aythyini). 38-49.
William C. Alexander
Time Budget and Incubation Behavior of Breeding White-Winged Scoters. 50-55.
Patrick W. Brown, Leigh H. Fredrickson
Association of Male and Female American Robins (Turdus Migratorius) During the Breeding Season: Paternity Assurance by Sexual Access or Mate-Guarding. 56-62.
Patricia Adair Gowaty, Jonathan H. Plissner
Geographic Variation in Testis Size in Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus Sandwichensis). 63-72.
J. D. Rising
Ornithological Literature. 138-150.
Announcements. 150-151.

Short Communications

Nesting, Voice, Status, and Relationships of the Endemic Cuban Gundlach's Huwk (Accipiter Gundlachi). 73-77.
George B. Reynard, Lester L. Short, Orlando H. Garrido, Giraldo Alayon G.
Postfledging Behavior of American Kestrels in Southwestern Quebec. 77-82.
Diana W. Lett, David M. Bird
Abundance, Habitat Use, and Perch Use of Loggerhead Shrikes in North-Central Florida. 82-86.
Petra Bohall-Wood
Testosterone, Aggression, and Dominance in Gambel's White-Crowned Sparrows. 86-91.
Luis F. Baptista, Barbara B. Dewolfe, Leslee Avery-Beausoleil
Growth Characteristics of Wood Ducks From Two Southeastern Breeding Locations. 91-94.
I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr., Robert A. Kennamer, Gary C. White, Parshall B. Bush, Lynn A. Mayack
Effect of Snow Cover on Starling Activity and Foraging Patterns. 94-97.
Alan D. Maccarone
Agonistic Communication Among Wintering Purple Finches. 97-100.
James W. Popp
Prey Robbery by Nonbreeding Magnificient Frigatebirds (Fregata Magnificens). 101-104.
H. Lisle Gibbs
The Nest, Eggs, and Young of the White-Whiskered Spinetail (Synallaxis [Poecilnrus] Candei). 104-106.
Carlos Bosque, Miguel Lentino
Reproduction and Molt in the Burrowing Parrot. 107-109.
Enrique H. Bucher, Maria A. Bertin, Alicia B. Santamaria
Extrapair Feeding in Pied-Billed Grebes.. 109-111.
Mark R. L. Forbes
Foraging, Scavenging, and Other Behavior of Swallows on the Ground. 111-116.
Keith A. Hobson, Spencer G. Sealy
December Records of Seabirds Off North Carolina. 116-121.
David S. Lee
First Record of the Grey-Chinned Hermit (Phaethornis Griseogularis) West of the Colombian Andes, with Notes on the Displays of the Species. 122-124.
Karl-L Schuchmann
Estimating Relative Abundance of Forest Birds: Simple Versus Adjusted Counts. 125-131.
Martin G. Raphael
A Synthetic Diet for Fruit-Eating Birds. 131-135.
Julie S. Denslow, Douglas J. Levey, Timothy C. Moermond, Bernard C. Wentworth
Bathing Behavior of Nesting Prairie Falcons (Falco Mexicanus) in Southwestern Idaho. 135-136.
Anthonie M. A. Holthuuzen, Peter A. Duley, John C. Hagar, Scott A. Smith, Kristin N. Wood
An Incident of Broad Parasitism by the Verdin. 136.
Michael D. Carter
Downy Woodpecker Caches Food. 136-137.
Albert E. Burchsted

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