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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 98, Number 3 (1986)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


A New Species of Antwren (Formicariidae: Herpsilochmus) From Peru, with Comments on the Systematics of Other Members of the Genus. 337-352.
Tristan J. Davis, John P. O'Neill
Nesting Success and Productivity of Hummingbirds in Southwestern New Mexico and Southeastern Arizona. 353-367.
William H. Baltosser
The History of the Southern Florida Wood Stork Population. 368-386.
James A. Kushlan, Paula C. Frohring
The Evolution of Reversed Sexual Dimorphism in Owls: an Empirical Analysis of Possible Selective Factors. 387-406.
Helmut C. Mueller
Winter Population Dynamics of Three Species of Mast-Eating Birds in the Eastern United States. 407-418.
Kimberly G. Smith
Social Organization, Movements, and Home Ranges of Blue Grouse in Fall and Winter. 419-432.
James E. Hines
Subspecies of the Greater Scaup and their Names. 433-444.
Richard C. Banks
Food Consumption and Growth Energetics of Nestling Golden Eagles. 445-458.
Michael W. Collopy
Ornithological Literature. 491-503.
Announcements. 504.

General Notes

Clutch-Size Differences in Western and Introduced Eastern Populations of House Finches: Patterns and Hypotheses. 459-462.
J. Timothy Wootton
Late Fledging Dates, Renesting, and Large Clutches of Prairie Falcons. 463-465.
George T. Allen, Robert K. Murphy, Karen Steenhof, Stephen W. Platt
Characteristics of Red-Shouldered Hawk Nests in Southeast Ohio. 466-469.
Mark S. Woodrey
Sprig Delivery by Broad-Winged Hawks. 469-471.
David M. Lyons, Kimberly Titus, James A. Mosher
Reverse Mounting in the American Kestrel. 472-473.
Reed Bowman, Elizabeth M. Curley
Intraspecific Brood Parasitism in Three Species of Prairie-Breeding Shorebirds. 473-475.
Mark A. Colwell
Suspected Intraspecific Egg Dumping in the White Ibis (Eudocimus Albus). 476-478.
Peter C. Frederick, Mark A. Shields
A Case of Brood Mixing by Common Loons. 478-479.
Paul I. V. Strong, John A. Bissonette, Richard Souza
Use of Fencepost Cavities by Nesting Eastern Bluebirds in Southwestern Virginia. 479-482.
Thomas A. Pierson, Patrick F. Scanlon
Little Blue Herons Nesting Among Cattails. 482-483.
Richard T. Hoppe, Robert A. Kennamer
Swallows Taking Insects From Pond Surfaces. 483-484.
Robert R. Cohen, Mark L. Dymerski
Drinking by Northern Bobwhites in Texas. 485-486.
N.L.N.S. Prasad, Fred S. Guthery
Severe Aggression Between Female Black-Headed Grosbeaks. 486-488.
Geoffrey E. Hill
An Albino Greater Shearwater: Feather Abrasion and Flight Energetics. 488-490.
David S. Lee, Gilbert S. Grant

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