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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 98, Number 1 (1986)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Otus Petersoni, a New Screech-Owl From the Eastern Andes, with Systematic Notes on O. Colombianus and O. Ingens. 1-14.
John W. Fitzpatrick, John P. O'Neill
Mating System and Reproductive Success of a Small Population of Polygamous Snowy Plovers. 15-37.
John S. Warriner, Jane C. Warriner, Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel
Temporal Dynamics of Neotropical Birds with Special Reference to Frugivores in Second-Growth Woods. 38-60.
Thomas E. Martin, James R. Karr
Structure, Seasonal Dynamics, and Habitat Relationships of Avian Communities in Small Even-Aged Forest Stands. 61-82.
Richard H. Yahner
Late Summer-Spring Movements of Juvenile Sage Grouse. 83-92.
Peter O. Dunn, Clait E. Braun
Errata. 92.
Assortative Mating and Sexual Dimorphism in the Common Tern. 93-100.
Malcolm C. Coulter
General Meeting of the Working Group on Granivorous Birds-Intecol. 100.
Ruddy Turnstones, Great Horned Owls, and Egg Loss From Common Tern Clutches. 101-109.
Ralph D. Morris, David A. Wiggin
Prey-Size Selection in Nesting Male and Female Cooper's Hawks. 110-115.
Patricia L. Kennedy, Donald R. Johnson
Hunting Success of Some Missouri Raptors. 116-125.
Brian Toland
Ornithological Literature. 173-188.

General Notes

Growth of Shiny Cowbird and Host Chicks. 126-131.
James W. Wiley
Autumn Sandhill Crane Habitat Use in Southeast Oregon. 131-137.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Diets of House Sparrows in Urban and Rural Habitats. 137-144.
Ann P. Gavett, James S. Wakeley
Vegetation Structure and Vesper Sparrow Territory Location. 144-147.
J. Michael Reed
Male and Female Parental Care in Tree Swallows. 147-150.
Terry E. Quinney
Extrapair Copulations in the Tree Swallow. 150-152.
Michael P. Lombardo
Polygyny in the Yellow Warbler. 152-154.
Dominick A. Dellasala
Two Male Bobolinks Feed Young at the Same Nest. 154-156.
Eric K. Bollinger, Thomas A. Gavin, Catherine J. Hibbard, J. Timothy Wootton
Conspecific Nest Takeovers and Egg Destruction by White Ibises. 156-157.
Peter Frederick
Winter Diets of Vultures in Southcentral Pennsylvania. 157-160.
Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, Anthony L. Wright
Breeding Biology of the Seychelles Black Parrot (Coracopsis Nigra Barkly). 160-163.
Robert E. Merritt, Patricia A. Bell, Victorin Laboudallon
Additions to Records of North American Avifauna in Yucathn, Mexico. 163-167.
David T. Rogers, Jr.,, Jesus Garcia B., Antonio Rogel B.
Choice of Nest Boxes by Cavity-Nesting Ducks. 167-168.
Harry G. Lumsden, Judy Robinson, Ronald Hartford
Rock Doves Nesting in Trees. 168-169.
A. Townsend Peterson
A New Method for Collecting Prey Delivered to Tufted Puffin Chicks. 169-170.
Pat Baird
Laaghing Gull Nesting Attempt on Lake Erie. 170-171.
Elliot J. Tramer, Louis W. Campbell
Adult Male Blue Grouse Eats Lizards. 171-172.
Lee H. Simons

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