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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 97, Number 4 (1985)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


A New Species of Tanager (Emberizidae: Thraupinae, Tangara) From Southern Peru. 413-420.
Thomas S. Schulenberg, Laurence C. Binford
Genetic Evidence for Relationships Among the Red-Eyed, Yellow-Green, and Chivi Vireos. 421-435.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert M. Zink
Color Plate. 435.
Northern Cardinal Song in Three Forest Habitats in Eastern Texas. 436-449.
Mary E. Anderson, Richard N. Conner
Reproductive Energetics of Blue-Eyed Shags in Antarctica. 450-462.
Neil P. Bernstein, Stephen J. Maxson
Interspecific Relationships Between American Coots and Waterfowl During Fall Migration. 463-472.
William R. Eddleman, Craig T. Patterson, Fritz L. Knopf
Wetland Selection by Mallards and Blue-Winged Teal. 473-485.
John H. Mulhern, Thomas D. Nudds, B. Richard Neal
Time-Activity Budget for Breeding Greater Golden-Plovers in Norwegian Mountains. 486-501.
Ingvar Byrkjedal
Intraseasonal Movement Between Colony Sites by Caspian Terns in the Great Lakes. 502-510.
Francesca J. Cuthbert
Movement of Mojave Desert Sparrow Flocks. 511-516.
John Eichinger, David J. Moriarty
Survivorship in the Tufted Titmouse. 517-524.
William H. Elder
Ornithological Literature. 574-590.
Proceedings of the Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting. 591-605.
Changes in Format. 606-607.
1986 Annual Meeting. 608.
Index to Volume 97, 1985. 609-629.

General Notes

Habitat and Snug Selection by Woodpeckers in a Clear-Cut: an Analysis Using Artificial Snags. 525-533.
Daniel R. Petit, Kenneth E. Petit, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.,, Lisa J. Reichhardt
Differences in the Feeding Behavior of Little Egrets (Egretta Garzetta) in Two Habitats in the Camargue, France. 534-538.
R. Michael Erwin, Heinz Hafner, Patrick Dugan
Interactions Between Great Blue Herons and Gulls. 538-541.
Range D. Bayer
Circumstantial Evidence of Foraging Interference Between Two Species of Dabbling Dncks. 541-543.
Hannu Poysa
Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel Occurrences in Relation to Upwelling Off the Coast of the South-Eastern United States. 543-547.
J. Christopher Haney
Nest, Seasonal Movements, and Breeding of Buffy Hummingbirds in Xeric Habitats of Northeastern Venezuela. 547-551.
Raymond Mcneil, Jose Ramon Rodriguezc S.
Brood-Rearing and Postbreeding Habitat Use by Virginia Rails and Soras. 551-554.
Rex R. Johnson, James J. Dinsmore
Growth Rates and Development of Redhead Ducklings. 554-559.
Jill P. Lightbody
Kin Cannibalism in the Purple Gallinule. 560-561.
Laurie A. Hunter
Influence of Various Land Uses on Windbreak Selection by Nesting Mississippi Kites. 561-565.
Diane Love, Joseph A. Grzybowski, Fritz L. Knopf
Species-Area Relationship of Birds on Small Islands at Isle Royale, Michigan. 566-569.
Joseph Van Buskirk
Avoidance of Acoustic Iuterference by Ovenbirds. 569-571.
Robert W. Ficken, James W. Popp, Paul E. Matthiae
Gila Woodpecker Stores Acorns. 571.
M. H. Macroberts, B. R. Macroberts
Brown Noddy Attacks Mouse. 571-572.
Harold Heatwole
Eastern Screech-Owl Captures Goldfish in Patio Pond. 572-573.
Kenneth W. Prescott

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