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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 97, Number 3 (1985)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Behavior and Nesting Biology of the St. Andrew Vireo. 265-272.
Jon C. Barlow, Stephen V. Nash
Display and Related Behavior of Male Pin-Tailed Manakins. 273-282.
Barbara K. Snow, D. W. Snow
Sperm Release in Migrating Wood-Warblers (Parulinae) Nesting at Higher Latitudes. 283-295.
W. B. Quay
Molt Migration of Large Canada Geese on the West Coast of Hudson Bay. 296-305.
Rolph A. Davis, Rene N. Jones, Charles D. Macinnes, Allan J. Pakulak
An Aerodynamic Basis for Selecting Transmitter Loads in Birds. 306-318.
Donald F. Caccamise, Robert S. Hedin
Nest Site Use by Cavity-Nesting Birds of the Cariboo Parkland, British Columbia. 319-331.
Barbara Peterson, Gilles Gauthier
Raptor Organization Registry. 331.
Effect of Voles on Mating Systems in a Central Wisconsin Population of Harriers. 332-346.
Frances Hamerstrom, Frederick N. Hamerstrom, Charles J. Burke
Comparative Habitat Use by Louisiana and Northern Waterthrushes. 347-355.
Robert J. Craig
Ornithological Literature. 397-404.
Additions to the Book List of the Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library. 405-411.
Announcements. 411-412.

General Notes

An Ecological Comparison of the Avifaunas of Grenada and Tobago, West Indies. 356-365.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.,
Seasonal Distribution of Subadult Bald Eagles in Three Minnesota Habitats. 365-366.
James D. Fraser, L. D. Frenzel, John E. Mathisen, Mark E. Shough
Skua Predation on Penguin Eggs: the Influence of Egg Quality and Location. 366-368.
M. De L. Brooke
Early Autumn Movements and Prebasic Molt of Swainson's Thrushes. 368-370.
Jeffrey D. Cherry
Nest-Defense of the Florida Scrub Jay and the Problem of Incubation by Male Passerines. 370-372.
Jack P. Hailman, Glen E. Woolfenden
Nestling Feeding Schedules of Turquoise-Browed Motmots in Yucatan, Mexico. 372-374.
Mark W. Martin, Robert F. Martin
Arrival and Departure Patterns of Great Blue Herons at a South Dakota Colony. 374-378.
Eileen M. Dowd, Lester D. Flake
Notes on the Relationships of Island Area and Distance From Mainland to the Presence of Herring Gull Colonies in Lake Nipigon, Ontario. 378-379.
Kevin Timoney, Jim Rogers, Anne Robinson
Interactions Between House Sparrows and Common Ground-Doves on Walker's Cay, Bahamas. 379-381.
Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. Schardien Jackson
Commentary and Observations on the Alleged Transportation of Eggs and Young by Caprimulgids. 381-385.
H. D. Jackson
Temperature Fluctuations and Nesting Behavior of Rock Wrens in a High-Altitude Environment. 385-387.
Licia Wolf, Richard M. Lejnieks, Cathy R. Brown, Joseph Yarchin
A Second Brood by Canada Geese. 387-388.
David H. Brakhage
A Four-Egg Clutch of the Mountain Plover. 388-389.
Michael J. Hamas, Walter D. Graul
Territorial Behavior of American Crows. 389-390.
Lawrence Kilham
The Status of the Sooty Storm-Petrel in Hawaii. 390-392.
Mark J. Rauzon, Craig S. Harrison, Sheila Conant
Vocal Imitation in a Captive Purple Martin. 392-395.
Eugene S. Morton
Observations of a Tufted Titmouse and a Cattle Egret Associating with a Black Bear. 395.
Tommy R. Smith
Abnormal Yellow Eye Ring on a Tropical Kingbird. 395-396.
Floyd E. Hayes, William S. Baker, Kent R. Beaman

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