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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 97, Number 1 (1985)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Cavity-Nesting Marbled Murrelets. 1-3.
Stuart Johnston, Harry R. Carter
Relationships Among Song Activity, Context, and Social Behavior in the Warbling Vireo. 4-20.
Daryl Howes-Jones
Errata. 20.
Development and Use of Two Song Forms by the Eastern Phoebe. 21-29.
Donald E. Kroodsma
Structure and Variability in the Vocal Repertoire of the Mountain Chickadee. 30-46.
Philip K. Gaddis
George Miksch Sutton Award for Ornithological Art. 46.
Variation in the Songs of Female Black-Headed Grosbeaks. 47-56.
Gary Ritchison
Joint Meeting of the Wilson and Cooper Ornithological Societies. 56.
Evening Roosts of the Snail Kite in Florida. 57-70.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr.
Behavior of Yearling Male Blue Grouse and Its Relation to Delayed Breeding. 71-77.
Ian G. Jamieson
Brood Chronology of the Common Raven. 78-87.
Richard B. Stiehl
On Atmospheric Moisture As a Factor Influencing Distribution of Breeding Birds in Temperate Deciduous Forest. 88-96.
Daniel R. Petit, Kenneth E. Petit, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Ornithological Literature. 130-138.
Information for Authors. 138-139.
Announcements. 140.

General Notes

Use of Space by Territorial Male Blue Grouse. 97-101.
Richard A. Lewis
Changes in Five-Striped Sparrow Song in Intra- and Intersexual Contexts. 102-106.
Kathleen Groschupf
Sandhill Crane Use of Nest Markers As Cues for Predation. 106-108.
John D. Reynolds
Northern Harrier Kills Sandhill Crane. 108-109.
David L. Genter
Water-Crossing Behavior of Raptors During Migration. 109-113.
Paul Kerlinger
Sex Ratios in Broods of Cooper's Hawks. 113-115.
Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielefeldt, Raymond K. Anderson, William A. Smith
Diving Rhythms and Diurnal Roosting Times of Pelagic Cormorants. 116-119.
Keith A. Hobson, Spencer G. Sealy
Use of Urban Stormwater Control Impoundments by Wetland Birds. 120-122.
Lowell W. Adams, Louise E. Dove, Thomas M. Franklin
Extra-Pair Feeding in Western Grebes. 122-123.
L. Scott Forbes
An Auxiliary with a Mated Pair and Food-Caching Behavior in the Fish Crow. 123-125.
Douglas B. Mcnair
Clutch Size Increase and Intraspecific Brood Parasitism in the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. 125-127.
Robert C. Fleischer, Michael T. Murphy, Lawrence E. Hunt
Bathing Behavior of Purple Martins. 127-128.
Richard A. Wolinski
First Breeding Record of the Snow Bunting for British Columbia. 128-129.
R. Wayne Campbell, Brigitta M. Van Der Raay

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