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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 96, Number 4 (1984)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Geographic Variation, Zoogeography, and Possible Rapid Evolution in Some Cranioleuca Spinetails (Furnariidae) of the Andes. 515-523.
J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Physical Development of Nestling Bald Eagles with Emphasis on the Timing of Growth Events. 524-542.
Gary R. Bortolotti
Change in Editor. 542.
Suggested Techniques for Modern Avian Systematics. 543-560.
Ned K. Johnson, Robert M. Zink, George F. Barrowclough, Jill A. Marten
Observer and Annual Variation in Winter Bird Population Studies. 561-574.
Paul G. R. Smith
Rainfall Correlates of Bird Population Fluctuations in a Puerto Rican Dry Forest: a Nine Year Study. 575-593.
John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt, Mark S. Kaiser
Parental Feeding of Nestling Nashville Warblers: the Effects of Food Type, Brood-Size, Nestling Age, and Time of Day. 594-602.
Richard W. Knapton
Sympatry in Two Species of Mockingbirds on Providenciales Island, West Indies. 603-618.
Beverlea M. Aldridge
Female-Female Pairing and Sex Ratios in Gulls: an Historical Perspective. 619-625.
Michael R. Conover, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Comparisons of Aspects of Breeding Blue-Winged and Cinnamon Teal in Eastern Washington. 626-633.
John W. Connelly, I. J. Ball
Joint Meeting of Cooper Ornithological Society and Wilson Ornithological Society. 633.
The Kalij Pheasant, a Newly Established Game Bird on the Island of Hawaii. 634-646.
Victor Lewin, Geraldine Lewin
George Miksch Sutton Award for Ornithological Art. 646.
Differential Range Expansion and Population Growth of Bulbuls in Hawaii. 647-655.
Richard N. Williams, L. Val Giddings
Behavioral and Vocal Affinities of the African Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus Moquini). 656-671.
Allan J. Baker, P. A. R. Hockey
Corrigenda 96:338 (1984). 671.
Ornithological Literature. 726-737.
Proceedings of the Sixty-Fifth Annual Meeting. 738-749.
Index to Volume 96, 1984. 750-775.
Mary C. Mckitrick

General Notes

Male Dickcissel Behavior in Primary and Secondary Habitats. 672-680.
Elmer J. Finck
Passage Rate, Energetics, and Utilization Efficiency of the Cedar Waxwing. 680-684.
Anthonie M. A. Holthuijzen, Curtis S. Adkisson
Short-Term Changes in Bird Communities After Clearcutting in Western North Carolina. 684-689.
John C. Horn
Roost Habitat Selection by Three Small Forest Owls. 690-692.
Gregory D. Hayward, Edward O. Garton
Distribution of Wintering Golden Eagles in the Eastern United States. 692-701.
Brian A. Millsap, Sandra L. Vana
Some Factors Affecting Productivity in Abert's Towhee. 701-705.
Deborah M. Finch
Aspects of Nestling Growth in Abert's Towhee. 705-708.
Deborah M. Finch
Cooperative Breeding in the Bobolink. 709-710.
Robert C. Beason, Leslie L. Trout
Cooperative Foraging and Courtship Feeding in the Laughing Gull. 710-711.
Kimberly A. Sullivan
Pairing Behavior and Pair Dissolution by Ring-Billed Gulls During the Post-Breeding Period. 711-714.
Peter M. Fetterolf
Consequences of Mate Loss to Incubating Ring-Billed and California Gulls. 714-716.
Michael R. Conover
Intra- and Extrapair Copulatory Behavior of American Crows. 716-717.
Lawrence Kilham
Nest Parasitism by Cowbirds on Buff-Breasted Flycatchers, with Comments on Nest-Site Selection. 718-719.
Richard K. Bowers, Jr.,, John B. Dunning, Jr.,
Sandhill Crane Incubates a Canada Goose Egg. 719.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Observations on Postures and Movements of Non-Breeding American Woodcock. 720-723.
Ralph O. Morgenweck, William H. Marshall
Non-Territorial Adult Males and Breeding Densities of Blue Grouse. 723-725.
Richard A. Lewis

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