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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 96, Number 3 (1984)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


A List of Birds and their Weights From Saul, French Guiana. 347-365.
James A. Dick, W. Bruce Mcgillivray, David J. Brooks
Change in Editor. 365.
Ecology of the West Indian Red-Bellied Woodpecker on Grand Cayman: Distribution and Foraging. 366-379.
Alexander Cruz, David W. Johnston
Position Available. 379.
Interference and Exploitation in Bird Communities. 380-395.
Brian A. Maurer
Visual Displays and their Context in the Painted Bunting. 396-407.
Scott M. Lanyon, Charles F. Thompson
The Breeding Biology of the Northwestern Crow. 408-418.
Robert W. Butler, Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek, Howard Richardson
Movement and Mortality Estimates of Cliff Swallows in Texas. 419-425.
Patricia J. Sikes, Keith A. Arnold
Effect of Edge on Breeding Forest Bird Species. 426-436.
Roger L. Kroodsma
Breeding Bird Populations in Relation to Changing Forest Structure Following Fire Exclusion: a 15-Year Study. 437-450.
R. Todd Engstrom, Robert L. Crawford, W. Wilson Baker
George Miksch Sutton Award for Ornithological Art. 504.
Ornithological Literature. 505-513.
Information for Authors. 513-514.

General Notes

Respiratory Gas Concentrations and Temperatures Within the Burrows of Three Species of Burrow-Nesting Birds. 451-456.
Geoffrey F. Birchard, Delbert L. Kilgore, Jr.,, Dona F. Boggs
Sexual Differences in Longevity of House Sparrows at Calgary, Alberta. 456-458.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray, Edward C. Murphy
Seed Selection by Juncos. 458-463.
Gail B. Goldstein, Myron Charles Baker
Food of Gyrfalcons at a Nest on Ellesmere Island. 464-467.
Dalton Muir, David M. Bird
High Incidence of Plant Material and Small Mammals in the Autumn Diet of Turkey Vultures in Virginia. 467-469.
Robert L. Paterson, Jr.,
Osprey Preys on Canada Goose Gosling. 469-470.
William G. Layher
Pellet Casting by Common Grackles. 470-471.
Daniel J. Twedt
Preflight Behavior of Sandhill Cranes. 471-477.
Thomas C. Tacha
Vocal Mimicry of Nashville Warblers by Yellow-Rumped Warblers. 477-482.
Joseph Van Buskirk, Jr.,
Misdirected Displays by a Solitary Bird of Paradise in an Oropendola Nesting Colony. 482-483.
John T. Emlen, Virginia M. Emlen
Nest Spacing, Colony Location, and Breeding Success in Herring Gulls. 483-488.
Ralph B. Schoen, Ralph D. Morris
Nest-Site Selection and Breeding Biology of the Chipping Sparrow. 488-493.
John D. Reynolds, Richard W. Knapton
Comparisons Between Single-Parent and Normal Mourning Dove Nestings During the Post-Fledging Period. 494-495.
Ronald R. Hitchcock, Ralph E. Mirarchi
Nest-Sites of Turkey Vultures in Buildings in Southeastern Illinois. 495-496.
John E. Buhnerkempe, Ronald L. Westemeier
Nesting Distribution and Reproductive Status of Ospreys Along the Upper Missouri River, Montana. 496-498.
Karl E. Grover
Molt in Vagrant Black Scoters Wintering in Peninsular Florida. 499-504.
Wayne Hoffman, G. Thomas Bancroft

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