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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 96, Number 1 (1984)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Observations of the Nesting Biology of the Guiana Crested Eagle (Morphnus Guianensis). 1-5.
Richard O. Bierregaard Jr.
Tundra Swans in Northeastern Keewatin District, N.W.T.. 6-11.
Margaret A. Mclaren, Peter L. Mclaren
Ring-Billed Gulls Display Sexually Toward Offspring and Mates During Post-Hatching. 12-19.
Peter M. Fetterolf
Winter Territoriality in Lesser Sheathbills on Breeding Grounds at Marion Island. 20-33.
Alan E. Burger
Fish Dropped on Breeding Colonies As Indicators of Least Tern Food Habits. 34-47.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Paul R. Kelly
Relationship of Breeding Bird Density and Diversity to Habitat Variables in Forested Wetlands. 48-59.
Bryan L. Swift, Joseph S. Larson, Richard M. Degraaf
A Comparison of Breeding Ecology and Reproductive Success Between Morphs of the White-Throated Sparrow. 60-71.
Richard W. Knapton, Ralph V. Cartar, J. Bruce Falls
Territory Preference of Vesper Sparrows in Cropland. 72-82.
Louis B. Best, Nicholas L. Rodenhouse
Censusing Breeding Red-Winged Blackbirds in North Dakota. 83-90.
Jerome F. Besser, Daniel J. Brady
Ornithological Literature. 143-159.
Ornithological News and Notes. 160.

General Notes

Song Variation and Species Discrimination in Blue-Winged Warblers. 91-99.
Janice R. Crook
The Songs of Microcerculus Wrens in Costa Rica. 99-103.
F. G. Stiles
Cowbird Nest Selection. 103-107.
Peter E. Lowther
Niche Relationships in Wintering Mixed-Species Flocks in Western Washington. 108-116.
Kirk E. Lagory, Mary Katherine Lagory, Dennis M. Meyers, Steven G. Herman
Sexual Dimorphism and Parental Role Switching in Gila Woodpeckers. 116-121.
Steven Martindale, Donald Lamm
Effect of Litter on Leaf-Scratching in Emberizines. 121-125.
Jack P. Hailman
Quantitative Assessment of the Nesting Habitat of Wilson's Phalarope. 126-128.
Mary L. Bomberger
First Confirmed Nesting of a Goshawk in Maryland. 129.
D. Daniel Boone
Pair Separation in Canada Geese. 129-130.
Michael C. Zicus
Food Habits of Wintering Brandt's Cormorants. 130-134.
Larry G. Talent
Opportunistic Feeding by White-Tailed Hawks at Prescribed Burns. 135-136.
Michael E. Tewes
Swallows Foraging on the Ground. 136-137.
Anthony J. Erskine
Use of an Interspecific Communal Roost by Wintering Ferruginous Hawks. 137-138.
Karen Steenhof
Serum Chemical Levels in Captive Female House Sparrows. 138-141.
John W. Parrish, Michelle L. Mote
Comments on Blancher and Robertson's Double-Brooded Eastern Kingbird. 141-142.
George K. Peck
Response to Peck. 142.
Peter J. Blancher, Raleigh J. Robertson

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