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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 95, Number 2 (1983)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Taxonomy of Microcerculus Wrens (Troglodytidae) in Central America. 169-183.
F. Gary Stiles
The Relationships and Evolution of the Southwest Pacific Warbler Genera Vitia and Psamathia (Sylviinae). 184-198.
Ronald I. Orenstein, H. Douglas Pratt
Delayed Plumage Maturation and the Presumed Prealternate Molt in American Redstarts. 199-208.
Sievert Rohwer, William P. Klein, Jr.,, Scott Heard
Factors Influencing the Timing, Distance, and Path of Migrations of Canada Geese. 209-221.
Michael L. Wege, Dennis G. Raveling
Winter Behavior of Tufted Titmice. 222-232.
Jeffrey D. Brawn, Fred B. Samson
Food Supply and the Occurrence of Brood Reduction in Swainson's Hawk. 233-242.
Marc J. Bechard
Productivity of Ospreys in the Gulf of California. 243-255.
Debra S. Judge
Nestling Growth and Development and the Breeding Ecology of the Beechey Jay. 256-268.
Scott R. Winterstein, Ralph J. Raitt
Waterbird Mortality From Botulism Type E in Lake Michigan: an Update. 269-275.
Christopher J. Brand, Ruth M. Duncan, Scott P. Garrow, Dan Olson, Leonard E. Schumann
Ornithological Literature. 316-319.
Ornithological News. 319-320.

General Notes

A Comparison of Breeding Bird Census Techniques with Mist Netting Results. 276-280.
Richard N. Conner, James G. Dickson, J. Howard Williamson
Incomplete Songs and Associated Behavior of Sage Sparrows. 281-282.
Terrell Rich
Incubation Period of Ring-Billed Gulls and the Egg Immersion Technique. 283-286.
Erica Nol, Hans Blokpoel
Communal Harvesting of a Transient Food Resource in the Mexican Jay. 286-287.
Jerram L. Brown
Effect of Unlimited Food Availability on the Breeding Biology of Wild Eurasian Tree Sparrows in West Malaysia. 287-294.
Marina Wong
Foraging Dives by Post-Breeding Northern Pintails. 294-296.
Michael R. Miller
California Gull Captures Flying Barn Swallow with Its Bill. 296-297.
Stephen A. Laymon
Factors Affecting Feeding and Brooding of Brown Thrasher Nestlings. 297-303.
Patricia A. Heagy, Louis B. Best
Nesting Ecology of the Loggerhead Shrike in Central Missouri. 303-308.
Alan Kridelbaugh
Adaptive Response of Nesting Clapper Rails to Unusually High Water. 308-309.
Jerome A. Jackson
Chick Movements in Common Poorwills. 309-310.
Jon E. Swenson, Paul Hendricks
Adoption of Introduced Young and Neglect of Own by Nesting Black Vultures. 310-311.
Paul A. Stewart
Malformation of the Oviduct in a Canada Goose. 311-313.
Harry G. Lumsden, Vernon G. Thomas
Black-Capped Chickadee Performs Hiss-Display While in Wire-Mesh Trap. 313-314.
Keith L. Dixon
First Sight Record of Orange-Breasted Falcon for Belize. 314-315.
J. Christopher Haney
First Record of the Little Egret (Egretta Garzetta) in Suriname. 315.
F. Haverschmidt

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