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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 95, Number 1 (1983)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Grallaricula Ochraceifrons, a New Species of Antpitta From Northern Peru. 1-6.
Gary R. Graves, John P. O'Neill, Theodore A. Parker Iii
Cowbird Parasitism of Dickcissels in Different Habitats and at Different Nest Densities. 7-22.
John L. Zimmerman
Effects of Investigator Activity on Ring-Billed Gull Behavior and Reproductive Performance. 23-41.
Peter M. Fetterolf
Displays and Vocalizations of the Sora and the Virginia Rail. 42-59.
Gerald W. Kaufmann
A Comparison of Avian Foraging Behavior in Unlogged and Logged Mixed-Coniferous Forest. 60-76.
Kathleen E. Franzreb
Habitat Associations of Breeding Birds in Cottage and Natural Areas of Central Ontario. 77-96.
Karen Clark, David Euler, Edward Armstrong
Growth, Development, and Food Habits of Nestling Mimids in South Texas. 97-105.
David H. Fischer
The Plain-Fronted Thornbird: Nest Construction, Material Choice, and Nest Defense Behavior. 106-117.
Betsy Trent Thomas
Ornithological Literature. 161-168.

General Notes

Pair Formation Behavior of the Galapagos Lava Heron. 118-121.
James A. Kushlan
Pre-Migratory Behavior of Common Loons on the Autumn Staging Grounds. 121-125.
Judith W. Mcintyre, Jack F. Barr
Loon Migrations Off the Coast of the Northeastern United States. 125-132.
Kevin D. Powers, Jeffrey Cherry
Responses of Black-Headed Grosbeaks to Songs of Conspecifics. 132-138.
Gary Ritchison
Vocal Learning in the Parulinae. 138-140.
W. Roger Meservey, Donald E. Kroodsma, Roberta Pickert
Factors Affecting the Performance of Flight Songs and Perch Songs in the Common Yellowthroat. 140-142.
Michael P. Kowalski
Vocalizations and Behavior of Violet-Green Swallows in the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. 142-145.
Charles R. Brown
Female Tree Swallow Lays Three Clutches During One Breeding Season. 146.
Michael P. Lombardo
Infanticide by a Purple Martin. 146-148.
Robert W. Loftin, Don Roberson
Overlap of Two Broods of Eastern Bluebirds in the Same Nest and Brood Reduction. 148-150.
Patricia Adair Gowaty
Annual Adult Survival Rates for Brown-Headed Cowbirds Wintering in Southeast Texas. 150-153.
Keith A. Arnold, Dan M. Johnson
Flocking Pattern of Foraging American Crows in Oklahoma. 153-155.
Fritz L. Knopf, Barbara A. Knopf
An Additional Method of Foraging in Litter by Species of Turdus Thrushes. 155-157.
George A. Clark Jr.
Northern Mockingbird Kills Cedar Waxwing. 157-158.
L. D. Hedrick, A. D. Woody
American Coot Apparently Suffocates While Attempting to Swallow Lizard. 158.
Gary F. Mccurdy
Head-Scratching Method of Galapagos Finches Unaffected by Variation in Cranial Morphology. 158-160.
Edward H. Burtt Jr.
Hermit Thrush Nesting on a Rock Face. 160.
Edward R. Armstrong, David L. Euler

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