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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 94, Number 4 (1982)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


The Biology of Torreornis Inexpectata I. a Comparison of Vocalizations in T. I. Inexpectata and T. I. Sigmani. 433-446.
Eugene S. Morton, Hiram J. Gonzalez Alonso
The Behavior of Scale-Backed Antbirds. 447-462.
Edwin O. Willis
Censuses and Breeding Observations of the Birds on Kohala Mountain, Hawaii. 463-476.
Charles Van Riper, Iii
Observations of Some Unusual Rainforest and Marsh Birds in Southeastern Peru. 477-493.
Theodore A. Parker, Iii
Migration and Summer Distribution of Lesser Snow Geese in Interior Keewatin. 494-504.
Peter L. Mclaren, Margaret A. Mclaren
Ecological Separation of Grebes and Coots: Interference Competition or Microhabitat Selection?. 505-514.
Thomas D. Nudds
Role Specialization in the Parental and Territorial Behavior of the Killdeer. 515-530.
John T. Mundahl
Biology and Behavior of Breeding Piping Plovers. 531-545.
Winifred E. Cairns
Ornithological Literature. 604-611.
Proceedings of the Sixty-Third Annual Meeting. 612-623.
Index to Volume 94, 1982. 624-650.
Janet T. Mannone, Nancy J. Flood

General Note

Comparison of Variable Circular-Plot and Spot-Map Methods in Desert Riparian and Scrub Habitats. 546-550.
Robert C. Szaro, Martin D. Jakle
Use of Prairie Wetlands by Selected Bird Species in South Dakota. 550-554.
Michael J. Weber, Paul A. Vohs, Jr.,, Lester D. Flake
Sexing Saw-Whet Owls by Wing Chord. 554-555.
Helmut C. Mueller
Comments on Sexing Saw-Whet Owls by Wing Chord. 555-557.
Martin H. Edwards, Ron D. Weir, Robert B. Stewart
Use of Two Habitats Related to Changes in Prey Availability in a Population of Ospreys in Northeastern Nova Scotia. 557-564.
Ian Jamieson, Norman R. Seymour, Robert P. Bancroft
Nest Provisioning Behavior by a Male Northern Harrier on the Death of His Mate. 564-565.
Steven P. Thompson, John E. Cornely
Notes on the Hunting Behavior and Diet of the Crested Caracara in Northeastern Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico. 565-566.
David Whitacre, Devora Ukrain, Gary Falxa
Florida Red-Shouldered Hawk Robs American Crows. 566-567.
Lawrence Kilham
Feeding Behaviors and Efficiencies of Common and Forster's Terns. 567-569.
J. Michael Reed, Herbert E. Hays, David A. Zegers
Clutch-Size and Prefledging Survival in Red-Winged Blackbirds at Williamstown Lake, New Brunswick. 569-571.
Michael D. Rigby
Growth, Diet, and Mortality of Nestling Great Blue Herons. 571-577.
T. E. Quinney
Downy Woodpecker Sexes Select Different Cavity Sites: an Experiment Using Artificial Snags. 577-579.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.,
A Nest of the Pale-Billed Antpitta (Grallaria Carrikeri) with Comparative Remarks on Antpitta Nests. 580-582.
David A. Wiedenfeld
Interspecific Nest Use by Aridland Birds. 582-584.
Deborah M. Finch
An Apparent Instance of Communal Nesting by American Oystercatchers. 584.
Brian R. Chapman
Song Sparrow Pair Raise Four Broods in One Year. 584-585.
James N. M. Smith
Post-Copulatory Display in the Lark Bunting and Other Species. 585-590.
Robert W. Nero
Responses of Black-Capped Chickadees to Mirrors. 590-593.
Ellen J. Censky, Millicent S. Ficken
Tool Use by Green Jays. 593-594.
Douglas C. Gayou
A Flight-Song Display of White-Throated Manakin. 594-595.
Thomas H. Davis
Notes on the Agonistic Behavior of Common Murres. 595-598.
Shane P. Mahoney, William Threlfall
Records of Redhead X Canvasback Hybrids. 599-602.
G. M. Haramis
High Mortality of Cedar Waxwings Associated with Highway Plantings. 602-603.
Robert C. Dowler, Gustav A. Swanson

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