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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 93, Number 3 (1981)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Subspecies Vs Forgotten Species: the Case of Grayson's Robin (Turdus Graysoni). 301-309.
Allan R. Phillips
Hyperphagia and Social Behavior of Canada Geese Prior to Spring Migration. 310-324.
M. Robert Mclandress, Dennis G. Raveling
A Multiple Sensor System for Monitoring Avian Nesting Behavior. 325-333.
James A. Cooper, Alan D. Afton
Foraging Speeds of Warblers in Large Populations and in Isolation. 334-339.
Douglass H. Morse
Differential Passerine Density and Diversity Between Newfoundland and Offshore Gull Island. 340-349.
Monique I. Vassallo, Jake C. Rice
Environmental Influence on Soaring in Wintering Red-Tailed Hawks. 350-356.
Charles R. Preston
Breeding Success in an Isolated Population of Rock Doves. 357-362.
David E. Preble, Frank H. Heppner
Relative Abundance of Georgia Caprimulgids Based on Call-Counts. 363-371.
Robert J. Cooper
Non-Drumming Males in a Ruffed Grouse Population. 372-382.
Gordon W. Gullion
Ornithological Literature. 407-437.
Report of the Conservation Committee--1980. 438-456.

General Notes

Behavioral Implications of Aberrant Song of a Red-Eyed Vireo. 383-390.
Jake C. Rice
Courtship Feeding and Copulation of Royal Terns. 390-391.
Lawrence Kilham
Two Cases of Commensal Feeding Between Passerines. 391-392.
Mark B. Robbins
Food Finding in Black-Capped Chickadees: Altruistic Communication?. 393-394.
Millicent S. Ficken
The Sentinel Crow As an Extension of Parental Care. 394-395.
Globia M. D'Agostino, Lorraine El Giovinazzo, Stephen W. Eaton
Behavior of a Male Least Bittern Incubating After Loss of Mate. 395-397.
B. T. Aniskowicz
Notes on Brown Pelicans in Puerto Rico. 397-400.
Ralph W. Schreiber, David W. Belitsky, Bruce A. Sorrie
Eggs of the Marbled Murrelet. 400-403.
Lloyd F. Kiff
First Documented Cinnamon Teal Nesting in North Dakota Produced Hybrids. 403-405.
John T. Lokemoen, David E. Sharp
First Record of the Black-Chinned Hummingbird in Alberta. 405-406.
Philip H. R. Stepney, Peter C. Boxall

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