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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 93, Number 2 (1981)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


The Rufous-Faced Crake (Laterallus Xenopterus) and Its Paraguayan Congeners. 137-144.
Robert W. Storer
Resource Use Strategies of Wading Birds. 145-163.
James A. Kushlan
Age Ratios and their Possible Use in Determining Autumn Routes of Passerine Migrants. 164-188.
C. John Ralph
Weather, Migration and Autumn Bird Kills at a North Florida Tv Tower. 189-195.
Robert T. Crawford
Climatic Influences on Productivity in the House Sparrow. 196-206.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray
Canada Goose Brood Behavior and Survival Estimates at Crex Meadows, Wisconsin. 207-217.
Michael C. Zicus
Breeding Bird Populations in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and North Carolina. 218-242.
S. Charles Kendeigh, Ben J. Fawver
Nest-Site Selection Among Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins in Mixed Species Rookeries. 243-248.
Nicholas J. Volkman, Wayne Trivelpiece
Cowbird Parasitism and Evolution of Anti-Parasite Strategies in the Yellow Warbler. 249-258.
Karen L. Clark, Raleigh J. Robertson
Interactive Behavior Among Bald Eagles Wintering in North-Central Missouri. 259-264.
Curtis R. Griffin
President's Message. 264.
Ornithological Literature. 286-300.

General Notes

Interspecific Song Mimesis by a Lincoln Sparrow. 265-267.
Luis F. Baptista, Martin L. Morton, Maria E. Pereyra
Notes on Purple Gallinules in Colombian Ricefields. 267-271.
Wallace D. Mckay
Agonistic Behavior of the White-Breasted Nuthatch. 271-274.
Lawrence Kilham
Evasive Behavior of American Coots to Kleptoparasitism by Waterfowl. 274-275.
Mark R. Ryan
Additional Evidence of Egg-Moving Behavior by Female Gadwalls. 276-277.
Robert J. Blohm
Mallard Using Moving Vehicles for Predator Avoidance. 277-278.
Bruce C. Thompson, James E. Tabor
Ochraceous Wren Fails to Respond to Mobbing Calls in an Heterospecific Flock. 278-279.
William H. Buskirk
Fish Attack on Black Guillemot and Common Eider in Maine. 279-280.
Thomas W. French
Crows Steal Golf Balls in Bangladesh. 280.
Richard M. Poche
Notes on the Status of the Common African Waxbill in Amazonia. 281-282.
David C. Oren, Nigel J. H. Smith
Distribution and Reproductive Success of Zone-Tailed Hawks in West Texas. 282-284.
Sumner W. Matteson, John O. Riley
Three Crested Eagle Records for Guatemala. 284-285.
David H. Ellis, Wayne H. Whaley

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