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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 93, Number 1 (1981)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


Observations of Seabirds During a Cruise From Ross Island to Anvers Island, Antarctica. 1-20.
Robert M. Zink
Display Behavior of Ovenbirds (Seiurus Aurocapillus) Ii. Song Variation and Singing Behavior. 21-41.
M. Ross Lein
The Mayfield Method of Estimating Nesting Success: a Model, Estimators and Simulation Results. 42-53.
Gary L. Hensler, James D. Nichols
Narrowly Disjunct Allopatry Between Black-Capped and Carolina Chickadees in Northern Indiana. 54-66.
Peter G. Merritt
Toe Fusion in Oscines. 67-76.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Environmental Effects on Roosting Behavior of Chimney Swifts. 77-84.
Richard M. Zammuto, Edwin C. Franks
Ornithological Literature. 125-134.
Ornithological News. 135-136.

General Notes

Observation of a Brood of Sharp-Shinned Hawks in Ontario, with Comments on the Functions of Sexual Dimorphism. 85-92.
Helmut C. Mueller, Nancy S. Mueller, Patricia G. Parker
Food Deprivation and Temperature Regulation in Nestling Ferruginous Hawks. 92-97.
Diana F. Tomback, Joseph R. Murphy
Aerial Play of Black Vultures. 97.
Walter A. Thurber
The Shoulder-Spot Display in Ruffed Grouse. 98-99.
Allan Garbutt
The Agonistic Repertoire of Sandhill Cranes. 99-103.
Stephen A. Nesbitt, George W. Archibald
Notes on the Slender Antbird. 103-107.
Edwin O. Willis, Yoshika Oniki
Notes on the Uniform Crake in Costa Rica. 107-108.
F. G. Stiles
Trichomoniasis in Bald Eagles. 109.
Ward B. Stone, Peter E. Nye
Protocalliphora Infestation in Broad-Winged Hawks. 110.
Scott Crocoll, James W. Parker
Herring Gull Attacks and Eats Adult Male Oldsquaw. 110-111.
Richard R. Snell
Red-Legged Kittiwakes Forage in Mixed-Species Flocks in Southeastern Alaska. 111-112.
Douglas Siegel-Causey, Thomas E. Meehan
Ground-Feeding Methods Aud Niche Separation in Thrushes. 112-114.
Alan Tye
American Coot Distribution and Migration in Colorado. 115-118.
Warner P. Gorenzel, Ronald A. Ryder, Clait E. Braun
Reproductive Rate and Renesting of Red-Winged Blackbirds in Minnesota. 119-121.
Daniel W. Moulton
Migration Speeds of Three Waterfowl Species. 121-124.
Frank C. Bellrose, Robert C. Crompton

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