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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 92, Number 4 (1980)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Territorial Behavior of the Sage Sparrow: Spatial and Random Aspects. 425-438.
Terrell Rich
Intersexual Niche Partitioning in Downy Woodpeckers. 439-451.
Joseph B. Williams
Implications of Juvenile Harassment in Purple Martins. 452-457.
Charles R. Brown, Erik J. Bitterbaum
Nestling Foods and Foraging Patterns in the Clay-Colored Sparrow. 458-465.
Richard W. Knapton
Geographic Variation in the Insulative Qualities of Nests of the Northern Oriole. 466-474.
V. H. Schaefer
Fall Migration of Saw-Whet Owls at Prince Edward Point, Ontario. 475-488.
R. D. Weir, F. Cooke, M. H. Edwards, R. B. Stewart
Directions and Timing of Great Blue Heron Foraging Flights From a California Colony: Implications for Social Facilitation of Food Finding. 489-496.
Helen M. Pratt
Choice of Nest Boxes by Common Goldeneyes in Ontario. 497-505.
Harry G. Lumsden, R. E. Page, M. Gauthier
Ornithological Literature. 530-539.
Index to Volume 92, 1980. 540-562.
Nancy J. Flood, Gary R. Bortolotti, David J. Brooks

General Notes

First Description of the Nest, Eggs and Nestling of the Guayaquil Woodpecker (Campephilus [Phloeoceastes] Gayaquilensis). 506-508.
Morris D. Williams
The Nest and Territoriality of a Female Tyrian Metaltail. 508-509.
Barbara K. Snow
Male Escorting and Protecting Females at the Nest Cavity in Mountain Blue Birds. 509-511.
Harry W. Power
Solitary Vireo Nest Used by a Western Flycatcher. 511.
Geoffrey A. Hammerson, Beth P. Lapin
Bilateral Wing Display in the Sage Thrasher. 512-513.
Terrell D. G. Rich
A Comparison of Avian Foraging at Flowering Trees in Panama and New Guinea. 513-519.
Bruce Beehler
Foraging by Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers in Central Illinois During Spring Migration. 519-523.
Joseph B. Williams
Mallards Capture and Eat American Toads. 523-524.
Nancy S. Mueller
Dipper Swallowed by Trout. 524.
Charles L. Elliott, Steve Peck
Team-Hunting and Food Sharing in Parasitic Jaegers. 524-526.
Stephen G. Pruett-Jones
Incubating Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser Hens Killed by Black Rat Snakes. 526-527.
T. T. Fendley
Sandhill Cranes Nesting in Illinois. 527.
Joel Greenberg
A Mallard X Mottled Duck Hybrid. 527-529.
David A. Nelson

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