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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 92, Number 2 (1980)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
2 (June)


Displays of the Magellanic Oystercatcher (Haematopus Leucopodus). 149-168.
Edward H. Miller, Allan J. Baker
The Incidence of Runt Eggs in Woodpeckers. 169-176.
Walter D. Koenig
Habitat Structure in Relation to Population Density and Timing of Breeding in Prairie Warblers. 177-187.
Michael C. Moore
Reproduction and Nest-Site Selection by White-Tailed Ptarmigan in Colorado. 188-199.
Kenneth M. Giesen, Clait E. Braun, Terry A. May
Nest-Site and Colony Characteristics of Wading Birds in Selected Atlantic Coast Colonies. 200-220.
Donald L. Beaver, Ronald G. Osborn, Thomas W. Custer
The Influence of Age on the Breeding Biology of Ring-Billed Gulls. 221-228.
Gerard T. Haymes, Hans Blokpoel
Niche Relationships Between Turquoise-Browed and Blue-Crowned Motmots in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. 229-244.
Jorge E. Orejuela
Ornithological Literature. 269-271.
Ornithological News. 272-273.
Proceedings of the Sixty-First Annual Meeting. 274-287.
Curtis S. Adkisson

General Notes

Courtship Feeding in Some Emberizine Finches. 245-246.
Eileen Zerba, Luis F. Baptista
Cleptoparasitism by Ring-Billed Gulls of Wintering Waterfowl. 246-248.
Jim W. Grace
Commensal Foraging of Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers with Rio Grande Turkeys. 248.
Bruce W. Baker
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Predation on Nestling American Redstarts. 249.
Doris J. Watt
Nest Predation by the Speckled King Snake. 249-250.
Charles F. Facemire, Stephen D. Fretwell
Screech Owl Eats Fish and Salamander in Winter. 250-251.
J. D. Rising, F. W. Schueler
Marsh Hawks Feeding on Waterfowl. 251-252.
Robert J. Blohm, Fred Van Dyke, Bradley C. Livezey
Detrimental Effects of Eeeal Defecation in Winter Roosting Willow Ptarmigan. 252-253.
Howard Parker, Ingolf Hanssen
Observations on the Life History of Willets on Long Island, New York. 253-258.
Leroy Wilcox
Unusual Egg Deposition in Mourning Doves. 258-260.
Harman P. Weeks
Female Sharp-Tailed Grouse Copulates with Greater Prairie Chicken in Minnesota. 260-261.
W. Daniel Svedarsky, Thomas J. Kalahar
Cavity Nesting of the Akepa on the Island of Hawaii. 261-263.
John L. Sincock, J. Michael Scott
Longevity of Hawaiian Honeycreepers in Captivity. 263-264.
Andrew J. Berger
Interspecific Nesting of Clay-Colored and Field Sparrows. 264-265.
Elizabeth W. Brooks
Cory's Shearwater Off the South Carolina Coast. 265-266.
Dennis M. Forsythe
The Use of Measurements in Sexing Common Murres From Newfoundland. 266-268.
William Threlfall, Shane P. Mahoney

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