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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 92, Number 1 (1980)

Publication Information
Wilson Bulletin
1 (March)


A New Species of Metaltail Hummingbird From Northern Peru. 1-7.
Gary R. Graves
Bi-Parental Care in Killdeer: an Adaptive Hypothesis. 8-20.
Sarah Lenington
Response by Male Fox Sparrows to Broadcast of Particular Conspecific Songs. 21-32.
Dennis J. Martin
The Thermoregulatory Significance of the Winter Roost-Sites Selected by Robins in Eastern Washington. 33-39.
Glenn E. Walsberg, James R. King
Feeding Ecology of the Black-Whiskered Vireo and Associated Gleaning Birds in Jamaica. 40-52.
Alexander Cruz
Experiments in Feeding Behavior of the Anna Hummingbird. 53-62.
Thomas G. Wheeler
The Selection and Use of Fruit by Birds in an Eastern Forest. 63-73.
John W. Baird
Territorial Behavior in a Pair of White-Throated Sparrows. 74-87.
Frederick E. Wasserman
Flocking As a Possible Predator Defense in Dark-Eyed Juncos. 88-95.
Peter Goldman
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Rails in Colorado. 96-102.
Herman J. Griese, Ronald A. Ryder, Clait E. Braun
Notes on Parasitism by Bronzed Cowbirds in El Salvador. 112-113.
Walter A. Thurber, Amanda Villeda
Ornithological Literature. 131-139.
Ornithological News. 140-141.
Report of the Conservation Committee--1978. 142-148.

General Notes

The Determination of Runt Eggs in Birds. 103-107.
Walter D. Koenig
Breeding Biology of Eastern Phoebes in Northern Wisconsin. 107-110.
Craig A. Faanes
Variation in Promiscuity Among Red-Winged Blackbirds. 110-112.
Thomas A. Roberts, James J. Kennelly
Observations of a White-Winged Crossbill Invasion of Southeastern Manitoba. 114-116.
Spencer G. Sealy, Donald A. Sexton, K. Michael Collins
Winter Hunting Behavior of a Snowy Owl in Michigan. 116-120.
Michael L. Chamberlin
Warblers Feeding From Ice. 121.
Martin K. Mcnicholl, J. Paul Goossen
Rough-Winged Swallow Feeding on Fly Larvae. 121-122.
Richard A. Wolinski
Sandhill Cranes Prey on Canada Goose Eggs. 122.
Ronald H. Hoffman
Adult Brown Pelican Robs Great Blue Heron of Fish. 122-123.
Keith L. Bildstein
Food Habits of White Pelicans During 1976 and 1977 at Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota. 123-125.
Gary R. Lingle, Norman F. Sloan
Notes on the Birds of Honduras. 125-126.
Fred C. Sibley, George F. Barrowclough, Charles G. Sibley
A Nest of the Ringed Gnatpipit (Corythopis Torquata). 126-127.
Yoshika Oniki, Edwin O. Willis
First Breeding Record of the Double-Crested Cormorant in Virginia. 127-128.
Charles R. Blem, William H. N. Gutzke, Claire Filemyr
Corn Cob Manipulation in Northern Harriers. 128-130.
Keith L. Bildstein

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