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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 91, Number 4 (1979)

Wilson Bulletin
4 (December)


Status of the Everglade Kite in Florida-1968-1978. 495-511.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr.
Recent Wood Stork Population Trends in the United States. 512-523.
John C. Ogden, Stephen A. Nesbitt
Displays and Morphology of an Anna X Allen Hummingbird Hybrid. 524-532.
Shirley Wells, Luis F. Baptista
Song Characteristics of the Yellow Warbler. 533-550.
Kenneth G. Bankwitz, William L. Thompson
Vocalizations and Behavior of the Willet. 551-574.
Tex A. Sordahl
Some Aspects of the Breeding Biology and Behavior of the Great Black-Backed Gull. 575-582.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek
Territoriality in the Purple Martin. 583-591.
Charles R. Brown
Temporal Variation in the Selected Habitats of a Guild of Grassland Sparrows. 592-598.
Robert C. Whitmore
Habitat Use by Nesting American Coots in Saskatchewan Parklands. 599-607.
Lawson G. Sugden
Nesting Ecology of Arctic Loons. 608-617.
Margaret R. Petersen
Ornithological Literature. 632-634.
John W. Fitzpatrick
Ornithological News. 634-635.
Index to Volume 91, 1979. 636-652.
Nancy J. Flood, Gary R. Bortolotti, Peter Thompson

General Notes

Evidence for Vocal Learning in Prairie Grouse. 618-621.
Donald W. Sparling
Common Redpolls Using Spruce Seeds in Northern Utah. 621-623.
Kimberly G. Smith
Small Mammals and Birds As Food Items of Ring-Billed Gulls on the Lower Great Lakes. 623-625.
Hans Blokpoel, Gerard T. Haymes
Premigratory Fat in the American Kestrel. 625-626.
James A. Gessaman
First Reports of Pellet Ejection in 11 Species. 626-628.
Theodore H. Below
Rufous-Collared Sparrow Victimized by Bronzed Cowbird. 628.
Amanda Villeda
Probable Canada Goose X White-Fronted Goose Hybrids. 628-629.
Scott R. Craven, Ronald L. Westemeier
Great Blue Herons Foraging for Small Mammals. 630-631.
R. W. Peifer

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