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The Wilson Bulletin, Volume 91, Number 3 (1979)

Wilson Bulletin
3 (September)


Blue-Winged X Cinnamon Teal Hybrid From Oklahoma. 367-370.
Eric G. Bolen
Aggressive Behavior in Wintering Dark-Eyed Juncos: Determinants of Dominance and their Possible Relation to Geographic Variation in Sex Ratio. 371-383.
Ellen D. Ketterson
Phenetic Relationships Within the Family Gruidae. 384-399.
D. Scott Wood
Interference Competition and Niche Shifts in the Bark-Foraging Guild in Central Illinois. 400-411.
Joseph B. Williams, George O. Batzli
Variation in Summer Diet of Glaucous-Winged Gulls in the Western Aleutian Islands: an Ecological Interpretation. 412-419.
John L. Trapp
Timing of Primary Molt and Egg-Laying in Glaucous-Winged Gulls. 420-425.
Nicolaas A.M. Verbeek
Predation on Red-Winged Blackbird Eggs and Nestlings. 426-433.
Frank S. Shipley
Response to Foster Nestlings by Red-Winged Blackbirds at Different Reproductive Stages. 434-440.
Larry C. Holcomb
Nesting Ecology of the Eastern Phoebe in Southern Indiana. 441-454.
Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.
Ornithological Literature. 473-476.
President's Message. 477.
Ornithological News. 477-478.
Proceedings of the Sixtieth Annual Meeting. 479-481.
Curtis S. Adkisson
The Wilson Ornithological Society. 481-494.

General Notes

Age of Effective Homeothermy in Nestling Tree Swallows According to Brood Size. 455-457.
Erica H. Dunn
The Oilbirds of Los Tayos. 457-461.
Barbara K. Snow
Observations on the Nesting Biology of the Great Cormorant in Ethiopia. 461-463.
Emil K. Urban
American Woodcock Hatched in Alabama Killed in Michigan. 463-464.
Keith Causey, George Horton, John Roboski, Randall Johnson, Phillip Mason
Growth and Age Determination of Nestling Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 464-466.
Thomas W. Scott
Ground Dove Use of Young Pine Plantations. 467-468.
J. Larry Landers, James L. Buckner
Loggerhead Shrike Eggshell Thickness in California and Florida. 468-469.
Michael L. Morrison
First Sight Records of Lincoln's Sparrow for Costa Rica. 469-470.
Elliot J. Tramer
An Incident of Blue Jay Predation on a House Sparrow. 470.
Terry L. Master
Long-Winged Harrier Predation on Wattled Jacana Eggs. 470-471.
David R. Osborne, Steven R. Beissinger
Arboreal Foraging by Cattle Egrets. 471-472.
James A. Kushlan

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